Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn started off as a model for the swimsuit issues of Sports Illustrated and for Victoria's Secret, but then moved into acting in 2000 as Mystique in X-Men.  Shen then she has reprised that role twice and starred as the leading role in Femme Fatale.  On television, Rebecca starred in the leading role in the short-lived Pepper Dennis on The WB. 

She has made her return to television on Ugly Betty as Alexis Meade.  However, she is now a recurring character and in the episode "Betty Suarez Land" she left the country in the episode.  Reomijn credits leaving due to disagreements with the writing of where her character is going.  The actress being pregnant and playing a transgender probably didn't help either.

Role Show
Roxie Torcoletti Eastwick
Alexis Meade Ugly Betty
Birth Date:
Berkeley, California

Eastwick Quotes

(voiceover) Sometimes, those with the most powerful abilities are hiding in the most unlikely places.


Chicken hands, you gonna stare at my boobs all day or you gonna buy something?