Arrow Season 3: Deleted Action Scenes Exposed

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If there is one thing that we can all pretty much agree upon, the action sequences in Arrow Season 3 never let us down.

Now, The CW has released footage of some deleted action sequences, complete with explanations as to why they hit the cutting room floor. It's pretty interesting.

In the first switched up fight, we learn that The Flash came to Nanda Parbat and stole a lot of Katana's thunder. After watching the sequence, it appears she would have done just fine without The Flash by her side!

Also of note is a scene in which Arsenal would have looked pretty badass with his newly acquired acrobatics. The determination to cut the sequence was made so his acrobatics didn't look quite as sharp, "just so he didn't distract from the actual scene." Anybody else think this decision was theĀ reason he distracted from multiple scenes in Season 3? Hmmm...

There was also a really great training session between Laurel and Nyssa that never saw the light of day. That's something fans wondered about, as we kept hearing about training, but never really witnessed it on screen. The sequence looks like a lost opportunity for sure!

It's hard to imagine all of the hard work that went into choreographing these sequences only to have them disappear forever, so thanks to The CW for releasing this sneak peek at what we missed!

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