Arrow Season 4 Episode 13 Promo: Sins Against the Father

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On Arrow Season 4 Episode 13, Oliver and Malcolm will come to blows.

Nyssa has a Lotus potion, which is said to cure bloodlust. 

Oliver wants to cure Thea, and surely Malcolm does, too.

Will Malcolm want to save his daughter enough to allow Oliver to kill him?

Or will both men concoct a plan that will allow them to kill Nyssa and get the Lotus potion?

It's hard to believe that Nyssa will make it out of this alive, isn't it?

The look on Malcolm's face when he takes up arms against Oliver sure looks shady.

And who says, "With this, you must kill me?"

It's so hard to tell, but these promos can be edited to make us think just about anything.

If you missed anything so far, you can watch Arrow online right here!

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Arrow Quotes

Oliver: I don't know if I'm ready.
Talia: I will help you become ready.

Thea: I think the whole city has lost their mind.
Oliver: It's not the whole city, it's one man.