Arrow Season 4 Promo: Feels Like Old Times!

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Felicity gazing happily at Oliver in bad? Yep. She doesn't look quite as badass maneuvering the machine gun this time around, but she looks mighty comfortable propped up in bed next to Oliver. Eat your hearts out ladies!

Sadly, it looks like we're experiencing an engagement interruptus. Will that be the only time Oliver gets to ask his lady? Is dread ahead?

This is the latest look at Arrow Season 4, and even with that initial snafu, it shows even more fully the lighter tone we can expect, despite Amanda Waller telling Oliver in a flashback to embrace his inner darkness, one of the only things he ultimately brought back from the island.

Thea thinks riding on the back of the bike with Laurel is "so cool," and I have to agree. Among other cool things are watching Damien Darhk stop one of GREEN ARROW's (yes, the term is fully utilized) arrows in midair with his hand (what?!), seeing Black Canary finally kick some ass without hesitation and hearing Diggle say the Arrow took a bullet for him. Just WOW.

While the full trailer was full of thrills, this one really does feel like old times. Thanks for pointing that out, Felicity!

If you want to relive the good ol' days, you can watch Arrow online right here via TV Fanatic before the premiere on Wed., Oct. 7.

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Oliver: I don't know if I'm ready.
Talia: I will help you become ready.

Thea: I think the whole city has lost their mind.
Oliver: It's not the whole city, it's one man.