Being Mary Jane Clip: The Claws are OUT!

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On the new season of Being Mary Jane, MJ and Kara make the move to New York City to continue their climb to the top of daily news.

As such, they're working on "Great Day USA," and Mary Jane is being led to believe she's a shoe-in for an anchor spot.

Whether it's because her idol, Rhonda Sales, is moving on or that they'll share co-anchoring duties, well, Rhonda has news of her own for Mary Jane.

Don't believe a word of it.

BMJ clip 1

The look on Kara's face when Rhonda calls Mary Jane into her office pretty much says it all, right?

Meeting with Rhonda is a big thing.

Nobody knows what they're going to discuss, but you can guess is has to do with the big luncheon MJ just attended with their producer, Garrett.

How much of a weasel is this Garrett fellow going to turn out to be?

Why would he pit two powerful women such as Rhonda and Mary Jane against each other?

BMJ Clip 2

Mary Jane doesn't look happy in the slightest. 

Who would be, when they've just a) been led to believe they're on their way up, and b) having their dreams shattered by their idol?

At least we have already seen in the other new clip from Being Mary Jane Season 4 that MJ has already had a taste of love in the Big Apple.

What else is in store for our favorite news ladies as they try to conquer New York City?

We'll have to watch to find out.

Make sure you tune into Being Mary Jane Season 4 Episode 1 tonight on BET at 10/9 and be here afterward for a full review of the episode!

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I'm just searching for a little escape before reality bites me in the morning. So, London, are you in?


MJ: I signed with a professional matchmaker.
Kara: A matchmaker? Is this one of your white friends' suggestions? It was Molly, wasn't it.
MJ: She caters to diverse, professional women like me.
Kara: How does that differ from a dating app?
NJ: It cost $20,000.