Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer: Outlasting Death

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While the world sits in wait for the upcoming trailer for The Walking Dead, AMC dropped one for the remainder of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2.

No, it's not the same. But we'll watch.

If you recall, the last we saw of our survivors, they were all going in different directions.

They're definitely all scattered now.

Nick is hanging with the walking dead, trying his best to fit in.

But let's face it. The dead can walk forever. They mall fall apart, but they never break down for lack of rest.

That gives Nick away, though. So...he'll end up with a gang of some sort? Or something.

“For the first time we are going to see our characters really having to learn to survive in the apocalypse,”said executive producer Dave Erickson at the series first panel.

“We are going to see a level of intensity and violence in the back half that we haven’t seen before,” he added.

Maddie, Alicia, Ofelia and Strand head to a big hotel and wonder what they'll find. 

It was locked down. The people? Gone.

Travis and Chris are driving around. It's unclear if they have a point.

It's becoming a little more clear why Fear the Walking Dead is taking place in Mexico, a place known for people with strong religious convictions.

Turning to their faith seems to be giving them a completely different story than what we could find with the masses in the United States in great numbers.

And unless I'm missing the mark totally, we may even witness something on Fear that we just saw recently on Zoo.

Attempting to appease the approaching hoard with a living sacrifice. 

That's not something that ever works in in real life, but it can be believed by the faithful.

Are you ready for another season of Fear the Walking Dead?

Does this trailer give the impression you're going to tune in, or will you tune out?

If you need to get caught up, you an watch Fear the Walking Dead online right here.

Fear the Walking Dead continues its second season on August 21 on AMC.

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Nick: There was blood all over her mouth, and then she came at me.
Travis: What did she do?
Nick: She was eating them. She was eating them.

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