Fear the Walking Dead Sneak Peek: Dashing Through the Halls

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Things started to collapse pretty darn quickly once the city of Los Angeles saw a human chomping down on another human being in the middle of a highway.

The urge wasn't to immediately chalk it up to drugs, or laugh it off as a staged event, but to drag the kids out of school and shut down. The apocalypse is coming!

As we know, they aren't wrong, and in this clip from Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 2 only one kid appears to be keeping up the good fight. Or at least it's an otherwise slow moment at school as Madison and the world-weary Tobias charge through the halls with an AV cart of canned goods.

On their way, they run into who they think is Artie on the other side of the door. The question is, is he shuffling because he's tired or because he's one of them?!

Tune in to find out, and be back here afterward to chat about it!

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Fear the Walking Dead
Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 2: "So Close, Yet So Far"
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