Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 1: Parliament of Owls

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Showtime is letting fans in on the sexual revolution a little early this season, as the Masters of Sex Season 3 premiere has been made available ahead of its July 12th premiere date. 

Titled "Parliament of Owls," Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 1 features a bit of a time jump and thrusts our erstwhile heroes into the big time when they face the press for the first time over their sex study.

Are they ready for the spotlight and everything that comes with it? There's only one way to find out, and that's to hunker down and watch. Be forewarned, the naughty bits will be cleaned up and blurred. Hey, this is the internet, after all. 

Since we know you'll want to see the not so cleaned up version, too, make sure you come on back to TV Fanatic on Sunday for a full review of the installment and to get the discussion started!

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Masters of Sex
Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 1: "Parliament of Owls"
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Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

We are the sexual revolution.


Is there not one square inch of my life that you haven't insinuated yourself into?