Pretty Little Liars Promo: Aria Is Caught Working for A!

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With three episodes left, it looks like Pretty Little Liars is about to actually start getting interesting again. 

On Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 18, Aria gets caught by the liars, and she's wearing a black hoodie. 

This prompts Spencer to claim she's out of the game, but will Aria be able to talk her friends around? 

Aria In Trouble - Pretty Little Liars

Given the circumstances, would they have done the same thing? Heck, will Aria even tell them the truth about the file A.D. has been holding over her?


It looks like it all gets too much for Aria, who starts yelling at the villain over the phone. Will this be a step too far for her?

Meanwhile, one of the liars finally ties the knot with their significant other, and something is telling me it will Hanna and Caleb. 

Considering how distant Aria has been with Ezra over the file, it would be a bit much for them to brush it all under the rug and tie the knot. 

This is also the episode Toby makes his triumphant return to Rosewood, and the trailer really wants us to think a Spoby hookup is on the cards. 

As much as it would be awesome if that were to happen, it all seems a little soon considering Toby lost Yvonne just a mere few weeks ago. 

Also, Alison and Emily's hookup will be interrupted by the game making its way to their bedroom. That's when they notice there are new pieces, effectively confirming someone else has been playing without them. 

All things considered, it looks like a solid episode, so I have hope we're about to start getting answers. 

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Note: Pretty Little Liars continues June 13 on Freeform. 

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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 18: "Choose or Lose"
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