Pretty Little Liars Promo: Who Goes After Aria?!?

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There are just eight episodes of Pretty Little Liars left, and it sure looks like the action is about to kick into high gear. 

On the official trailer for Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 13, Aria and Emily catch up with Sidney, and Aria is not taking any chances. 

She pushes the villain against a wall and tries to get the truth from her. Something tells us this is only going to find the girls in even more trouble. 

Liars Unite - Pretty Little Liars

At one point, Aria even waves a knife at a figure in the darkness. Could it be Sidney returning for some revenge, or Nicole returning to let Aria know Ezra and her are back together?

We have no idea. 

Elsewhere, Caleb and Hanna will debate the pros and cons of playing a round of the new game Uber A has for the liars. Hanna seems to think the best thing to do is to destroy the board, while Caleb knows it's not going to be as easy as that. 

Also, the liars are being kept up by a baby crying on the phone that was attached to the board. Could this be yet another clue about another child hiding in the shadows, stalking the girls?

Either way, the final batch of episodes are off to a good start, with a mystery that will actually be solved before the final bell tolls on the best-dressed women on all of TV. 

Whether everyone will make it out alive is another story, but we'll be happy so long as the liars get their happy endings. God, they deserve it after all of the crap they've been put through. 

Remember you can watch Pretty Little Liars online now via TV Fanatic. Get caught up now!

Have a look at the full teaser below and be with us on May 2 for a full review of the episode!

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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 13: "Hold Your Piece"
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