Pretty Little Liars Promo: Will The Liars Rise Up?

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The Pretty Little Liars have just 10 episodes left to unmask Uber A and give fans answers to the most lingering questions that have been created over the past seven years. 

Will the show go out with a lot of the more minor questions unanswered, or will the whole thing be wrapped up in a neat little bow?

Who Is Going Rogue? - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 9

Something tells me that we'd need another three seasons to have all the reveals, so I'm going to go with the former. 

Freeform dropped the newest trailer during Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 1 and it seems like there's going to be a whole lot of Mona this half season. 

Mona feels like there's always someone out for the girls and that there's a chance they will never really be free, but will the liars rise up to take down their enemy?

Based on the latest trailer, it seems like the gals are accepting the fact that they will probably never live a life without a tormentor stalking them. 

It's a harsh reality, but could the series really wind down without leaving an A in the fold? It's hard to imagine that being true to the series. 

Time will tell. 

As you probably know if you watch Pretty Little Liars online, we now know that Spencer is Mary Drake's daughter. 

That should make for some interesting developments in the back half of the season. Jenna Marshall has also been kidnapped by A.D, but will she be able to get the villain on her side?

Elsewhere, we don't even know if Yvonne and Toby survived their big car crash. It would be a cruel twist if Spencer did not get to ride into the sunset with Toby Cavanaugh. 

Despite the preview being pretty gloomy, the liars will find a way to get their tormentor caught once and for all. 

Have a look at the full trailer below!

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