Ray Donovan Season 3 Finale Clip: Cutting the Tree

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We already know Ray will be back in the confessional for the Ray Donovan Season 3 finale, and that Abby and Terry are going to cue him into all of the trouble Bridget has gotten herself into at school.

But what about Mickey? Mickey coyly arranged to stay in town despite Ray's wishes by using the conservatorship paperwork to get on the good side of Bunchy and Teresa. Will that get somebody killed?

We've been wondering if Teresa was too good to be true, after all, what good ever falls Bunch's way? From the sound of this clip of Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 12, the Minassians are going to be after Mickey's family for his betrayal. What better way to get him back than to cut down those he loves?

Is Teresa in danger, or perhaps Daryll? Connor or Bridget? Bunch or Terry? Who will be the one who takes a dive because of Mickey's idiocy and arrogance? 

Watch to find out and be here for a full review shortly afterward!

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Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 12: "Exsuscito"
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Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

You know, my father never would have killed Varick if you weren't around. He fell in love with the idea that there was always gonna be someone there to save him from himself!


There are more helicopters outside my house than when OJ took the white Bronco down the 405.