Ray Donovan Season 4 Trailer: I Have Sinned

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It's a long way down.

Ray Donovan might have confessed his sins at the end of Season 3, but it looks like he has a long way to go before he's back up.

Perhaps he has farther yet to fall.

From the looks of this brand new trailer for Ray Donovan Season 4, he's going to be facing some gut-wrenching family drama.

We're shown Ray fighting for Bridget to come home, promising he has changed.

If you recall, she moved out at the end of Ray Donovan Season 3. Not gonna lie, I was  happy to see her go. Why the rush for her to return, Ray?

Mickey is shown in a hospital gown, and it looks like he's coding or otherwise seizing. Or, knowing Mick, maybe he's just being dramatic.

Abby, too, is shown at the hospital, going in for a scan, her arms up over her head. Cancer? 

As she also asks him that it will be OK, and to repeat it, it's safe to assume their family is taking a beating.

What we don't see, at least with any clarity, are guest stars Lisa Bonet, Ted Lavine or Gabriel Mann.

Although I think the man Ray's pummeling by the car might just be Mann's character, an aggressive attorney named Jacob Waller who has high profile clients.

Embeth Davitz is clearly shown speaking with Ray. She's portraying Sonia Kovitsky, a businesswoman whose wealth and contacts make her a power player in the art world.

Get ready for a whole new season that will begin on June 26!

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