The Resident Promo: Let's Talk About Sex!

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On The Resident Season 2 Episode 14, Love is in the air! 

It's Valentine's Day, and the hour will be devoted to love in all of its forms. 

It's fitting that the season and episode number line up with the holiday it's celebrating, isn't it? 

Pulled Aside - The Resident Season 2 Episode 14

Kit will work on a case that involves a lovesick boy who lands himself in the ER all in the name of love, or sex.

It'll bring out the maternal side of her. 

Bell, on the other hand, may bring out another side to her. 

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Elsewhere, Mina and Devon's neighbor mysteriously dies and both of them will take it to heart. 

They dedicate their time trying to get to the bottom of what caused her to pass away so abruptly. 

Bloody Valentine's Day - The Resident Season 2 Episode 14

Devon is also looking into Julian's disappearance and wondering why she was contacting the FDA before she disappeared. 

Conrad has lavish plans for Valentine's Day with Nic, but her need to visit Jessie may interfere with that. 

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Also, Micah may be making a huge move by proposing he and Mina take a big step, but is she ready for it?

Mina's Romantic Evening - The Resident Season 2 Episode 14

Elsewhere, the not so lowkey relationship between Irving and Jessica is heating up, and the two may be taking a big step.

Is Irving the one who plans a romantic meal in the hospital elevator? 

That sounds like something Irving would do! 

You can watch The Resident online here via TV Fanatic! 

Check out the promo!

The Resident airs Mondays on FOX!

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The Resident Season 2 Episode 14: "Stupid Things In The Name of Sex"
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The Resident Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Mina: If you donate her body to science then you won't have to pay for a funeral.
Gertie's Niece: Where do I sign?

AJ Austin, Doctor of Love.