The Resident Sneak Peek: Mina's Mother Arrives!

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On The Resident Season 2 Episode 15, Mina's mother arrives at Chastain!

Dr. Josephine Okeke is a world-renowned Nigerian surgeon, and Bell and Austin cannot stop fawning over her and gushing about her. 

Queen Mother - The Resident Season 2 Episode 15

She's legendary, and they are thrilled to have her at Chastain. 

Bell has all these plans to impress her, and all he knows is that Mina is the reason she's in town. He doesn't seem to know why though. 

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Dr. Okeke arrives in style and every bit like the high-class, famous surgeon that she is. 

Escorting Legends - The Resident Season 2 Episode 15

However, it comes as a surprise to both Bell and AJ when Josephine sails past Bell and his attempts at shmoozing and goes straight to Mina. 

Apparently, no one knew that Josephine is Mina's mother! 

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Josephine wastes no time jumping into slightly critical mom mode. 

Check out the hilarious clip below! 

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The Resident Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Patients need warmth, Mina, but that's alright. Mother's here.


AJ: Josephine Okeke is your mother?!
Mina: Yes, and I would appreciate it if you kept that to yourself.