The Vampire Diaries Series Finale Teaser: How Will It End?!?

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Is Bonnie Bennett dead?

That's one of the bigger questions as we head into The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 16

Yes, you guys. The series finale of this iconic vampire drama is finally upon us. 

Is Damon Ready for Elena's Return? - The Vampire Diaries

It will be accompanied by a retrospective special which will find the cast and crew reflecting on their time with the series and what it has meant to be a part of the family. 

With Nina Dobrev's return already confirmed, fans have been questioning whether Bonnie was going to die to bring her back. 

Considering the way The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 15 concluded, it sure does not look good for Bonnie. 

The teaser shows Bonnie meeting Elena in some sort of afterlife, but could Katherine be the one in this other side?

Bonnie Casting a Final Spell - The Vampire Diaries

Will Bonnie wind up in the afterlife with Enzo, or will she rise like a phoenix from the ashes to help in the battle to save Mystic Falls?

We have no idea, but we're very excited to see how it all ends for our favorite characters. 

Have a look at the full teaser below...

Remember you can watch The Vampire Diaries online right here on TV Fanatic. 

The series finale airs tomorrow night on The CW!

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