Survivor Round Table: "Running the Camp"

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In our review, we talked about how the remaining survivors are really starting to get on our nerves.  Far more importantly, however, are they making the right decisions?  Should Jane have gone home instead of Marty?  Was there any logic to Chase's feminine choice? 

As always, we'd love to get reader responses to our questions as well in the comments.

Do you agree with Sash and Brenda's decision to vote for Marty instead of Jane?

Kakdaddy: I think it was smart.  Right now Jane isn't as big a threat as Marty's four.  Marty has Fabio and Benry both of whom are big physical threats in challenges and Marty is obviously much smarter than anyone of the girls/Chase alliance.  Plus I think Brenda knows not to take Jane to the finals.  There are plenty of tribal councils for her and Sash to vote Jane out.

Survivor RT

Lady Gaga: Yes, Marty was about to claim the crown for scramble king. You can't be that vocal and say that you are not a threat. It was certainly a power play by Sash and Brenda to solidify their titles as King and Queen and reinforce the fact that they are calling the shots.

Mr. Probst: Marty is not a threat to win the game, so why eliminate him?  About the only thing Marty's been right about is what a threat Jane is.  And he's very right about that.

Was there any justification to Chase picking the women?

Kakdaddy: None.  Did he see the brick walls?  There were two of them and a massive wall of sticks to break through...idiot...  Seemed like little Chase had a quick say in his decision-making.

Lady Gaga: Brenda hit the nail on the head, Chase is just not making strong, smart decisions. The only thing I can think of is that he is going to try to play that decision latter and get votes. However, it does him no good when he is sitting on the jury.

Mr. Probst: If this were the first few weeks of the NFL when underdogs rule, yes.  Unfortunately for Chase, I don't think he realizes he's not watching football, but rather bet on underfed women in a challenging physical course.

Who was more obnoxious: Marty at the reward challenge or Brenda at the immunity challenge?

Kakdaddy: Forget Marty and Brenda, I thought Jane has been consistently the most obnoxious.  "Marty slandered me"  Does she even know what the word means?  He called her a top threat and said anyone who takes her to the final three would lose.  How is that slanderous?  Jane has voted for Marty at least 5-6 separate times and she's surprised that he is going after her?  She's a moron. 

Marty Contemplates

Lady Gaga: Brenda. She just looked evil the entire time. Fortunately because Marty was the remaining competitor, no one will hold it against her.

Mr. Probst: As I just said, who trash talks underfed women in a physical challenge?  It doesn't get any more obnoxious than that.  Talk about petty.

Rate NaOnka's craziness: ex-girlfriend crazy, Mel Gibson crazy, or bat s**t crazy?

Kakdaddy: NaOnka is so crazy I think she should get her own level in the Pantheon of crazy.  I have never in my life witnessed a crazier person.  She is the pinnacle of crazy.

Lady Gaga: While I love the title of bat s**t crazy, NaOnka is more like Mel. She has streaks of logic and is clearly aware of how to play the game. She just becomes so emotional and reverts to a jealous, crazy person. Emotions get us all.

Mr. Probst: Her rant at tribal council this week reeked of ex-girlfriend crazy.  Did she not remind you of a jilted lover?  I half expected her to break out into some Beyonce and start singing "you must not know 'bout me, you must not know 'bout me!"

NaOnka Launches Himself

Who's whining is more annoying: Jud/Fabio interacting NaOnka or Luke Skywalker when Uncle Owen won't let him go to Tosche's station to pick up power converters?

Kakdaddy: I don't find Fabio annoying because he is very clearly so beyond frustrated with a person who is so crazy she literally can't see reason.  I actually sympathize with Fabio.  I would have gone off the deep end by now and probably would have been voted out.  Luke was acting like a little b***h so he wins.

Lady Gaga: Very similar, but Luke set the bar for whining. Fabio is a great disciple and has been trained in the jedi arts but has not mastered it yet.

Mr. Probst: Has there ever been anyone more right and more annoying in how he says it than Fabio?  Everything he said to NaOnka at tribal council was spot on, but the whining while he said it ruined any good point he was making. 

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