Elementary Round Table: "Dirty Laundry"

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"Dirty Laundry" marked the 2013 premiere of Elementary Season 1, as we watched Holmes and Watson go through a whirlwind of murder, hookers and Russian spies.

In this edition of the Elementary Round Table, Kate Brooks and Jim Garner of TV Fanatic - along with Amanda from Grizzlybomb.com and Brian from Geek Magazine - respond to all these happenings and much more.


What was your favorite scene in the episode?
Kate: The final scene with Watson and Sherlock on the bench. I liked the quick moment of shock on his face when Watson told him she already took a new job.

Brian: The part with the call girl, hands down. This was the only real time the Sherlock shined as most of the episode was about Watson.

Jim: I loved all the banter about Watson becoming Holmes' assistant. It was a great nod to the classic version and kept us thinking about her upcoming departure.

Amanda: Not a favorite scene per se, but I enjoyed the running theme of the trash and chaos of Sherlock's house. His and Watson's back and forth about it was quite enjoyable.

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Did you like the plot twist of the Russian Spy?

Kate: Yes! I definitely didn't see that kind of thing coming. 

Brian: I liked the idea more than the execution. Don't we normally execute spys? Either way, it was nice to see Mark Moses (Mad Men) in there as the father and the generational thing was pretty cool. Just seemed a little rushed I guess...

Jim: I did. It had several twists overall I didn't see coming. 

Amanda: I did! This is one of the first cases where it seems as if Sherlock Holmes himself would have actually been a help. Random Russian cultural references? Right up Sherlock's alley.

We saw Joan in her more "companion" role when she was with the daughter. Do you wish we saw more of this side with Joan?

Kate: Yes and no. I want to see more of her compassionate side but at the same time I'd rather have more backstory or her relationships with other characters - if that leads to her being sort of a "companion" then I'm okay with that.

Brian: No. They already established this stuff early on. Sidekick Watson > Nanny Watson.

Jim: I think we are seeing just the right amount. If we saw much more it would take away from the dynamic of her and Holmes.

Amanda: I wish we saw more of Watson's sides in general so yes. But by the same token, I like how we got to see Watson have that moment where something is bugging her about the case and knowing that it wasn't as it seemed.

Sherlock had many different ways of trying to get Watson to stay. Do you think he was doing it because he knew Watson likes to work on cases (as a courtesy to her) or because he wants her to stay and is too proud to say it?

Kate: I think it's a bit of both. I think he really enjoys having Watson around and her insight. I think he also knows how much she enjoys it. 

Brian: If the writers put Sherlock in relapse, or he fakes said relapse to keep her there, it would be lazy and I don't see them going that route. She'll come back of her own accord, or he'll call her when in danger. She is certainly not going anywhere, though.

Jim: It's a bit of both. He's trying to give her reasons to stay without needing to admit he wants her to stay. 

Amanda: I think he does enjoy her company and wants her to stay but maybe he doesn't know how to go about just coming out and saying that. Hence the trash and the talk of relapse and even devising a plan to keep his father paying her.

What do you think will the reason why Watson sticks around?

Kate: I think a relapse is too easy and predictable and, as I have stated in my Elementary reviews, the writers for don't really do "predictable."

Brian: He obviously wants her around. He so seldom enjoys true connections and this is the only woman we've seen him bond with that wasn't a hooker..

Jim: I'm betting it will come down to her staying because Holmes ask her to stay and that he will have to admit how much he needs her in his life. Anyone want to take odds that he ends up stumped on the first case she's "gone" and he goes straight to her?

Amanda: Given the previews, I actually think the curiosity of Sherlock's past and Irene Adler is going to get the better of her and she'll stick around on her own accord.

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