Scandal Round Table: "Seven Fifty-Two"

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Scandal came back from hiatus with an amazing episode that delved deeper into Huck's history and showed glimpses of Fitz's future if he continues to cross Mellie.

Join TV Fanatic staff members Christine Orlando, Carla Day, Jim Garner, and Miranda Wicker and Emily from the ABC Scandal Fans website as they break down "Seven Fifty-Two." And be sure to jump into the discussion in the comments below!


What was your favorite scene from "Seven Fifty-Two"?

Christine: Mellie telling Fitz exactly how things were going to be. She's had enough. He can go run off with his supposed soul mate but he will pay the consequences.  She'll obliterate him in the press and I wouldn't be surprised if she sets herself up as the next presidential candidate. You know what? I almost can't say as I blame her.

Carla: Throughout the episode, it seemed like 752 was related to the trophies that Huck was taking from his victims or the work he was doing. I loved the moment when the meaning was revealed and that during Huck's crisis he was holding on to something positive rather than negative. Very touching moment.

Jim: I enjoyed Fitz confessing that he is a better person with Olivia and that he had made a mistake in anger. Good to see him sober and less bitter finally. 

Emily: There were definitely plenty to choose from, including those mentioned by the rest of the Round Table. For me I really loved seeing Olivia be there for Huck. It seems he's always therefor her, doing what she asks, so I liked seeing her be there for him in such a raw, emotional scene. 

Miranda: It was short and fleeting, but when Olivia was on the phone with Harrison and telling him how to take care of Huck I really, really wanted her to get out of the hospital to help him. She's the one who knows him best. The "keep talking to him. Don't let him be alone." was just so indicative of how much she cares about Huck.

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Who had the better speech to Huck: Quinn, Abby, or Harrison?

Christine: I liked Abby's. I only wish she'd say just that to David. If she used that exact speech on him there's the possibility he might actually forgive her.

Carla: They were all good, but I have to agree with Christine. Abby's was the one that hurt the most to hear, because she lost something that she could find again. She needs to tell that to David. Though, I think Quinn's was the most personal when it came to Huck. I adore the relationship that has developed between Huck and Quinn. In that scene, you could tell she really cares about him.

Jim: Quinn, while I agree with Christine that Abby should say her speech to David, seeing Quinn come to terms with her own loss was powerful on its own. The fact she almost snapped him out of it spoke volumes about their relationship. 

Emily: I thought everyone's speech was great in that we got to hear their something personal to each of them, something we rarely get a glimpse of. Even more so with Harrison because we know the least about his story at this point.  I agree with Carla and Christine that Abby should definitely tell David and I think Jim made a great point about Quinn almost getting through. But the thing I found interesting with Quinn was her reasoning for wanting him to stop ("You're letting it eat you alive. You have to let it go, whatever it is you have to let it go.") because in retrospect it was something positive he was holding on to, he didn't want to let go of his family. 

Miranda: I'm a fan of just about every word that pours out of Harrison's mouth, so I'm going with his. Quinn's was peppy and Abby's was kind of depressing and directed at the wrong person. But Harrison's just oozed with perfection even though he was discussing what he perceives to be his biggest flaw: that he's a man of words that cause actions and not necessarily a man of action.

Do you want Huck to try and find his real family?

Christine: Yes, but the poor guy is so damaged and finding them may still put them in danger.  At least now we know why Huck is so fixated on families.

Carla: Absolutely! He needs to move on and find some happiness in his life. Of course, it will probably cause some problems, but the Gladiators can protect them.Plus, it means more Jasika Nicole on my TV and I would never turn that down.

Jim: Yes and no. I think he needs to know they are real and safe, but he needs to stay away from them too.

Emily: I'm with Jim on this one - you want Huck to have that chance, but not if it meant putting them in danger, but I also don't know that Huck could handle "watching" them like we've seen him do with other families. I just think it would be its own brand of torture.

Miranda: I really want to see Olivia and Co. take down the group who turned Huck into a killer. I want Huck to help her do that. And then I want him to find his family and some happiness. And ditto Carla. I want Jasika Nicole back on my screen. RIP Fringe.

Did this episode change how you feel about Fitz and Olivia's sordid relationship?

Christine: No, but then I'm not a diehard shipper for these two.  I think they've treated one another horribly time and time again.  I see it more as the overwhelming pull of lust more than love.

Carla: It really seemed like more of the same. They love each other so much that it hurts. Fitz needs to make a decision. He's either all in or leave Olivia alone. The forced separation and unsatisfied longing for each other is what has caused them problems. The push and pull isn't healthy for either of them.

Jim: Not really, they've been so dysfunctional for so long, this was really more of the same. 

Emily: I'm a hopeless shipper for these two, so no it didn't. However, I was glad to see them finally communicate with words about where they stand. Unfortunately, it continues to drive home the fact that their current circumstances make being together impossible and I wonder if Olivia has reached the point where she's ready to accept that despite the fact that they still love each other. 

Miranda: I love and hate how this show makes me hate these two together 95% of the time and then gives me that 5% where I'm practically cheering for him to walk out of the White House so they can ride off into the sunset. This episode dipped into that 5% area for me, but then I remembered all the mean things he's said and Olivia smiling with Jake before she knew what he was up to and jumped right back into the 95%.

Is Cyrus Albatross?

Christine: Now that would be a twist. He's certainly capable of being that diabolical. He almost had his husband murdered for goodness sake. I  love Cyrus but I also wouldn't put anything past him.

Carla: Maybe, but most likely not. I usually try to analyze these mysteries on shows, but not on Scandal. I pretty much expect that no matter what clues I find that Shonda Rhimes is going to blindside me with something entirely unexpected. It could be the person involved, the method used, or the real motive behind this person's actions.

Jim: I don't think so. He would have used some of the info to get back in with Fitz if he was. I'm betting on the Vice President.

Emily: That would be a helluva twist, but I don't think so. Now that we have more on Joe Morton's character, we saw him in the position of the man who originally hired Huck, does that mean Jake and Charlie are working for the same man? Is Charlie playing Cyrus? Based on the flashbacks, I wonder if Charlie was trying to protect Huck by locking him in the crate. I mean when has Charlie ever hesitated in killing anyone? He gave Huck the out in the flashbacks, so maybe he was trying to help him again?

Miranda: After Amanda Tanner, I put nothing past Cyrus. He wants power more than he wants to be Team Fitz, so even though he doesn't seem to be Albatross, I wouldn't be surprised if he were connected and knows who is if it's not him.

Miranda Wicker is a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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