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"We Are Everyone" was a first for Elementary. From online hackers protecting a man who committed espionage to Watson trying out some online dating, there were some interesting twists and turns at every stop.

And Joan found a hottie! You go girl! Also, was that Moriarty's voice that I heard?

First off, excuse my headline, but I've been waiting for a reason to use this reference because of Jonny Lee Miller's role in the film Hackers. I'm incredibly thankful that I can finally say it and it sound sound cliche.

Leaking Information

This was a particularly unique episode of Elementary being that it one was roughly based off of the real life NSA leaker that has been all over the news the past few months. We won't really get into it because this isn't a political piece.

However, there was an added touch of the online hackers, or activist group, called "Everyone" and Everyone in this episode hacked Watson's life in the most comedic way.

Joan received phone calls asking about a train set and then playing with trains in the nude. Initially, I thought Sherlock had played a joke on her. Also, Sherlock was about to go nude to stay in with the online activists and Watson didn't even get up to get out of the room. They're comfortable around each other, apparently.

Other than activists, the biggest theme tonight was love. Sherlock lead us to believe that he had given up and is in "post-love" after his bitter ending with Irene/Moriarty while Joan was trying to find something in the "outside world."

Joan brought up the heartbreak that Sherlock experienced during the whole Moriarty debacle. In the end, she went to jail and Sherlock was left to deal with how everything played out. Watson posed a very good question: how was Sherlock dealing with this? 

The answer, of course is that he hasn't tried to deal with it. He said that he was liberated but I've always wondered how he coped with losing Irene only to find out she was his nemesis all along. That's quite the blow.

I agreed with Joan when she said she was sad that he had given up. I, too, think that he would have a lot to offer in a relationship if he would just have to try.

Then the scene of Sherlock reading the letter took place and Moriarty's voice came over as it was revealed that she is still in contact with him while in jail. With this constant grasp on him, Sherlock cannot move on. Even if he hasn't responded to any of her letters.

As much as this saddens me, I find myself incredibly excited to have Moriarty back in the picture, one way or another. She will be back, it's guaranteed. She loves him and he loves her. You know what they say, keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

I've always been a huge fun of the relationship between Holmes and Watson. Lucy Liu stated that a pairing can be romantic without being physical and she nailed it with that. That is exactly how these two are. After hearing her take on this, I am not sure that I want them to ever be anything than they are right now.

To prove my point, Watson is writing about her tales with Sherlock Holmes.

As for the hackers, they can't beat Zero Cool.

We Are Everyone Review

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