Frequency Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Seven Three

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So. THAT happened.

After watching Frequency Season 1 Episode 5, it's easy to see why it was a no brainer to move it around the schedule and to play it against the CMA awards and the potential final game of the World Series.

Well done, CW, well done.

First Day - Frequency

Because "Seven Three" could be skipped on the DVD set with a brief montage highlighting what we already know about Stan and adding in a few sweet scenes featuring a grumpy Raimy and her proud daddy.

I mean, geez, we've seen Raimy grumpy. She's been Grumpy Gus since her world was turned upside down with the ham. But when she started out as a rookie police officer? A smile would have been nice.

In either timeline, it would have been something for her to just give it up and enjoy the moment. Wasn't this her dream? 

Frank: Slow down. We're not going to help anybody if we're not gonna get there.
Raimy: What the hell, dad? Calm down.
Frank: It's 'what the hell' Detective Sullivan.

She finally came out and told Frank she joined the force for him. He thought she was doing it because her mom was taken and as a way to get vengeance for her. 

It's a shame the first scenes we saw with adult Raimy and Frank were so dour. It was surprising to me she wasn't more interesting in either timeline she recalled, since pre ham radio, she seemed a little – dare we say – happy.

What didn't work during the hour was the procedural line. It was completely unnecessary.

Did anyone think maybe Stan was hiding a good guy under his vest? Highly doubtful. 

And while it's great Raimy wants to test him and push him to his limits by showing him photos of collars only she remembers, and trying to get a rise out of him, now we know Satch can only protect her so much.

You know who and what Stan is and you still defend him. What does that make you?


Does that mean he's a bad guy? No. He's a go with the flow guy. Don't rock the boat. Stick it out until retirement. 

In Raimy's original timeline, he probably knew what happened with the non-sting resulting in Frank's death, too. He's always there for Raimy, but he's not willing to do the right thing if it means getting his own hands dirty.

Julie was a little less unlikable this hour, only to turn around and give Frank the official heave ho.

At least she was willing to finally get it out on the table. She would never come between him and Raimy, but their marriage was over before he even went undercover. 

Here's hoping that's the last of their story. There's nothing worse than watching a character you really like trying to beat a dead horse and all you get from it is...wasted airtime.

Let's be honest. Frequency has a lot of work to do. Episodes like this one should exist so early in the game. While I understand what they were trying to do, it didn't work, and I think they knew it. 

That's a shame with only 13 episodes to get your point across. Even less if you're trying to get a full season order. That seems less likely to happen after watching this one. The procedural element is really dry when it's not focused on a killer.

Corrupt cops in the station just aren't interesting. Take them down and get rid of them before they take the entire show down. There are elements that do work, and they include jostling the timeline when trying to do good, people thinking Raimy is crazy, building relationships and catching Criminal Minds type of baddies.

We'll either get their or we won't with Frequency. What do you think?

Make sure you watch Frequency online, but don't be afraid to skip this one. It leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

Seven Three Review

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Frequency Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Frank: Slow down. We're not going to help anybody if we're not gonna get there.
Raimy: What the hell, dad? Calm down.
Frank: It's 'what the hell' Detective Sullivan.

You know who else had crazy hunches? I'll give you a hint. You and him, you share the last name.