Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 15 Review: Lost Souls

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Is there ever a justification for murder? 

That was the question with which Danny and Baez were grappling on Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 15

Is He a Murderer? - Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 15

No one liked Lee Butowsky. Not his ex-wife, not his son, certainly not his coworkers as explained in this Blue Bloods quote

Manager: Nobody here would bother to waste a word on the guy, let alone a bullet.
Baez: It was a knife.
Manager: Whatever.

But the person who would certainly want Lee Butowsky dead was the man whose wife and son where killed by Lee who was driving drunk.

Then to add insult to injury, Lee’s high priced attorney was able to get him cleared of all charges. 

Who wouldn’t want to kill the guy?

Baez was more than willing to let the case drop, but it was Danny who persisted, not because he liked Lee but because that was the job.

In his own way, Danny respects the job, but even he wasn’t necessarily pushing as hard as he normally does to bring a killer to justice, and Erin noticed…

You huff and puff all over the place and I wave my finger around and preach about the proper procedure in the criminal justice system. That's what we do. That's our thing.


It’s funny because it’s true. Erin and Danny do that same dance for almost every case. 

They never made it clear if the attorney who represented Butowsky was taking this case for free, because if he’s really that good, I can’t imagine he comes cheap. 

The Drunk Driver Murder - Blue Bloods

Erin also had her hands full with Anthony and his old friend Jimmy. 

Erin was quick to think the worst of Anthony. First she seemed to think he was somehow involved in Jimmy’s shenanigans, and then she wouldn’t even let him explain why he disconnected the wire. 

Erin has worked with Anthony for quite a while now. Doesn’t that earn him the benefit of the doubt, or at least the chance to explain himself before she verbally tears him to shreds? 

When she grudgingly agreed that Anthony’s plan was solid, it seemed that Anthony knew that was as good as he was going to get…

Your flattery humbles me, your Grace.


Elsewhere, one of Joe’s courtesy cards brought Jamie’s career aspirations to the forefront. 

We all know that Frank never wants to give his kids any special treatment, but how was helping Jessie an issue?

It’s not like he was helping Joe, he’s dead. Would it have been so wrong to make sure that Joe’s former colleague got the assistance he needed? 

It felt as though Frank was being unnecessarily difficult, where as Jamie saw someone in need of help and not only offered a hand, but did it on his own time. 

There are too few people willing to do that. 

I did appreciate that Frank called in Garrett and Sid to ask their honest opinion about Jamie, and it was amusing that they both immediately thought that this sit down was to talk about Danny. 

Was Frank simply trying to push for a balanced assessment of Jamie, or did he sound as though he felt that the reason Jamie was still a beat cop was because of something Jamie himself was lacking?

I’m simply not sure, but I liked that Garrett eventually told Frank exactly what he believed to be true…

There are bosses on this job, who are very interested in Jamie, and who wouldn’t be? They want to tap him for special assignments, even promotions, but they're afraid in doing so they will ruffle your feathers.


As much as Frank and Garrett argue, this kind of honestly is exactly why Frank needs Garret on his team. 

Jamie has previously said that he has no interest in moving up to detective, but even fans of the show have wondered why he’s remained a beat cop for so long. 

Jamie: I'm excited every single shift. How many people can say that?
Frank: A lucky few.

Perhaps Jamie really is the smartest Reagan. He’s figured out that true happiness comes from doing the job you love, not from a title, a better salary, or from living up to what other people expect.

Now if he could just get his love life figured out, he’d be in really good shape. 

Right Where He Wants To Be - Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 15

As usual, the Reagan family dinner was the place to be. Everyone was hungry but no one wanted to get stuck with saying grace. It was a silly argument but realistic and great fun. 

Check back next week when Jack Ori will be filling in for me with his review of Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 16

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Lost Souls Review

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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 15 Quotes

I feel like if it was my wife and kid that was killed by Bukowsky then it'd definitely be me under that umbrella.


Manager: Nobody here would bother to waste a word on the guy, let alone a bullet.
Baez: It was a knife.
Manager: Whatever.