Days of Our Lives Round Table: How Cruel is Chloe?

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The triangle involving Abby, Chad, and Gabi continued, Valerie’s son showed up in town, and even though David Banning hasn’t been seen in Salem in years, his funeral took place there. 

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Mikey from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Chloe taking Holly, David’s funeral, and the end of the Orwell story. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

On a scale of 1 to 10, how cruel is Chloe for taking Holly to NYC?

Mikey: I’m torn. I’ll go with a 7.

On one hand, I do think that Chloe actually doesn’t believe that Nicole is in a place to raise this child, but if Nicole has broken up with Deimos, it seems like Chloe is just digging in her heels out of spite.

Also, they haven’t really touched on why Chloe will let Maggie see Parker even though Maggie has forgiven Deimos and lives in the same house as him!

Convincing Chloe - Days of Our Lives

Jack: 10! Not only is Chloe depriving Holly and her mother of each other, she's also depriving Parker of a relationship with his stepmother, who he was very close to and who helped him through his father's death.

Chloe is being written as nothing but selfish and I wouldn't be surprised if she left both kids for Nancy to raise once she gets to NYC.

Christine: I’m with Jack on this one. Chloe gets a 10! She knew all about Nicole’s history when she decided to get pregnant with her child. There were better ways to handle her concerns about Deimos than stealing Nicole’s child from her.

Knowing how long Nicole has wanted to have a child, Chloe’s actions are nothing but cruel. 

Another Eduardo and Kate Breakup - Days of Our Lives

Have you had enough of Kate and Eduardo’s on again/off again relationship?

Mikey: I hate to say it, but yeah. I never even understand what’s going on because they’re back and forth so often. The actors have nice chemistry, but this “story” feels like such a non-starter.

However, I do think it’s refreshing to see Kate showing some kind of judgment, for once in her life, about whether she can be with a man who isn’t totally aboveboard.

Jack: I had enough of this relationship the second it began. There's nothing redeeming about Eduardo and Kate's reasons for breaking up with him are all ridiculous. 

Christine: I’m with Mikey on this one. The actors are both wonderful but their story goes no where but in circles. It’s tedious and a waste of their talents.

If they can’t give these two a real story as a couple, then let them find one with other characters. 

JJ Investigates a Kidnapping - Days of Our Lives

What do you think of JJ as a police detective?

Mikey: The idea is growing on me. It feels very quick for him to be a detective, but Lani got promoted after completing like one case, too (and to be fair, solving ONE crime is a major accomplishment for any member of the Salem PD).

I like that it’s a means to get JJ involved in different stories. Also I’m glad I don’t have to suppress laughter every time he shows up in that goofy Halloween-store police officer costume anymore.

Jack: I wish JJ was working with his mom at the Spectator. I think he's better suited for investigative reporting, and if not that, working full time with Steve as a private detective.

However, JJ is very resourceful and is great at undercover work, so I like him much better as a detective than a beat cop, and I loved seeing him be the one with the upper hand even while being held at gunpoint.

Christine: He’s growing on me. I feel as though they’re trying to turn JJ into the new Bo Brady and that doesn’t quite work. JJ just doesn’t have that edge to him, but at least he has something to do besides worry about his love life. That’s a positive! 

Abby and Chad in the Hospital - Days of Our Lives

Chad and Abby. Chad and Gabi. Abby and Dario. The show can’t seem to make up its mind. Do you have a preference? Do you care?

Mikey: Even with the Abigail recast, it makes sense writing-wise for Chad and Abigail to be the focal couple here. I’m not opposed to challenges for them because they’re young, and they’ve been through a lot, but the balance feels off in this story. 

Are we supposed to be thinking of Chad and Gabi as star-crossed lovers torn apart and longing for one another? Abigail and Dario have a surprisingly nice vibe, too, but nothing about them feels “epic.” I actually have no problem with any of these couplings in concept, but the focus feels… well, not present.

Jack: My preference is for all of these characters to hash it out off-screen. I'm not a fan of any of them and the writing for this convoluted set of relationships does no one any favors.

Chad Comforts Gabi - Days of Our Lives

Christine: I think Billy Flynn’s Chad has chemistry with almost everyone. I loved he and Abby before the recast but there isn’t quite the same spark since her return, yet I root for them because they have Thomas.

I hated the thought of Gabi and Chad as a couple in the beginning, but ended up enjoying their friendship turned romance more than I expected. And I’ve always hated Dario but I kind of like him when he’s around Abby.

Like Mikey said, these stories last focus. They could all work if the writers would just pick a direction! 

Valerie’s son showed up. Does he have a future in Salem?

Mikey: At first blush, I really like him. Handsome actor who sold some tough material. I also enjoy Valerie a lot, so anything that anchors her to Salem is welcome, and this also hooks Julie into the younger generation. Lots of potential here. I hope they continue to play him as part of the Horton fold, but given the show’s track record with insta-relatives, I’m nervous.

Jack: I like Eli so far, though his father's funeral was not the right time for him to confront Valerie. We'll see what happens.

Christine: He sold me in just a few scenes, however I wish they had brought David back to add to the drama. I hate it when they kill off legacy characters for so little payoff and the death of Julie’s son seems like such a wasted opportunity, yet again!

Choose the most disappointing story of the week.

Mikey: I think I’ve enjoyed the Orwell business more than a lot of people, mostly because it provided some fresh interactions and a sense of momentum, but the wrap-up felt very fast.

Like, in one episode, after two weeks of stalling, Chad and Gabi were rescued, Drew destroyed the thing, Nicole turned on Deimos, etc. Everything felt like it should’ve been more climactic than it was.

Jack: David's funeral being about everyone except the person who died, with JJ asking his rapist out on a date as a close second.

Christine: The Orwell story’s wrap up. It all happened far too fast with little payoff…and I’m going to miss Drew!

The Orwell Story Ends - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week in Salem?

Mikey: I really enjoyed David’s funeral. It was absurd that Hope wasn’t there (did Rafe poison her with that picnic?!), but Ciara and Claire being there for Julie was terrific, as was Julie’s eulogy and Doug’s support of her.

I also liked the tension of Eli showing up and Valerie balancing her secret.

Jack: I loved Adrienne in mama bear mode and standing up to Justin's insistence that she just go home and lie down.

Christine: I, too, loved Adrienne refusing to back down and getting in Deimos face in order to protect Sonny. Cancer be damned when it comes to protecting your child!

I also liked that Chad and Gabi were honest about what happened, both with one another and with Abby. It’s refreshing when characters don’t feel the need to keep everything a secret. 

Want to chat more about the happenings in Salem? Check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic. 

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