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We said goodbye to Jasper, one of the original 100 Sky People sent to the ground, on The 100 Season 4 Episode 11.

It was a heartbreaking moment, balanced with one of hope – Raven, on the flip side, changed her mind about resigning herself to death and instead chose to fight to live.

Meanwhile, Bellamy refused to stand idly by while Clarke and Jaha locked everyone else out of the bunker. Teaming up with Abby, he pulled off an epically heroic move and opened the bunker door, allowing the other clans and his sister, Kane, and Indra, inside.

Below, TV Fanatics Yana Grebenyuk and Allison Nichols are joined by Samantha Coley from Tell-Tale TV to discuss everything that went down during “The Other Side."

Check out their thoughts, and chime in with your own by leaving us a comment below. (Be sure to tune in for The 100 Season 4 Episode 12 on Wednesday, May 17th at 9/8c on The CW.)

The 100 Round Table 1-27-15

React to Jasper's death.

Allison: I guess because I knew it was coming, I wasn't too emotionally affected by it. I mean, I didn't know it was going to happen in this episode, but Jasper's been planning on dying for a while now. I'll definitely miss Jasper and Monty's friendship. They made a great team.

Jasper and Monty — The 100

Yana: I knew it was coming, obviously, but the way that [director] Ian [Cusick] structured the scene and the dialogue between Jasper and Monty was the best choice for this. I don't think I actually knew what to expect in any sense when it came to Jasper's death.

So not having it violent and bloody, instead opting for a beautiful moment where Monty shared his love for him, was the best choice. 

Samantha: We all knew it was coming, but it was still absolutely heartbreaking. As Yana said, Ian framed the scene beautifully, and though I wasn't deeply attached to Jasper, his death was still devastating to watch. Monty being there to witness it hurt so much on so many levels. 

What did you think of Raven's plot, fighting to cure herself of brain damage and deciding to "choose life"?

Allison: It brought Sinclair back to me, so I enjoyed it. I did like that, out of everyone, Raven's subconscious chose him. If anyone could make Raven want to live, it would be the man who was essentially her father. Still, this happened a little too late. I don't know how Raven is supposed to get to the bunker before Praimfaya hits.

Yana: I liked how it was almost as if Raven was choosing between two sides of herself: the side that didn't think she was worth surviving because of her disability and the side that wouldn't stop fighting for her to kick ass and push through.

Raven – The 100 Season 4 Episode 6

And obviously having Raven still alive is everything I could have wanted, especially since Lindsey Morgan has been killing it this season.

Samantha: About damn time! I loved having Sinclair back, representing the part of Raven that knows how amazing she is without Becca. Lindsey puts in so much work, and she absolutely killed this episode, the physicality of it is just incredible!

The way these scenes were filmed made it really feel as if Becca and Sinclair were hallucinations and Raven is there fighting for herself. It all just felt very organic and real.  

Bellamy and Abby worked together (against Jaha and Clarke) to open the bunker door. Were you team Bellabby or team Jarke?

Allison: Bellabby. The name makes me laugh, but I was definitely on their side. I still can't get over Clarke being okay with this. Yeah, yeah, she wants the human race to survive, but it's awfully convenient that the human race will be her people (plus Niylah).

Yana: I was definitely on Bellamy and Abby's side even though Clarke's initial choice made sense. Soon after, she should have realized that with Octavia winning they needed to open the bunker up and all that nonsense in between made no sense.

Even her going to Niylah sucked a bit because as much as I love those two, Clarke needed to hear that she fucked up.

Niylah was almost too understanding, considering it was her people out there, and I don't think Clarke has really understood where she went wrong. Chaining and almost killing Bellamy definitely falls under "choices she must apologize for because they were the worst ones yet." And all this is coming from someone who adores Clarke. 

Samantha: FINALLY! The team up I've been dying for! I love Abby (obviously), and I love Bellamy. I'm so glad we finally got to see them interact. These two are so heart-forward and empathetic. It was really wonderful to see them defy Clarke and Jaha to get to their loved ones.

I'd have liked to see a little more between Clarke and Abby, but for sure this duo works amazingly together. I hope they get more plots together in Season 5! Jaha really needs to leave Clarke the hell alone and let her listen to her mom and her best friend. 

Bringing it all back full circle, the Sky People need to choose 100 who will survive Praimfaya, able to live in the bunker. Bellamy has a spot, thanks to Octavia, but who will be left out to die? Make a prediction or two.

Allison: I love that the 100 people thing was coming back around. Honestly, I would start with whoever is left of the original 100 that were sent to the ground in the first place. The Ark sent them down to die, so they deserve a chance to live in the bunker.

Jaha isn't going to get a bed. I can't see anyone actually voting for him to survive. I think Clarke, Abby, Kane, and Octavia will all get beds.

Yana: They have a list already prepared, don't they? It probably burned up, but I'm sure Clarke remembers the names. I am putting my vote in for everyone we know because... duh. Aside from that, I don't really know who to vote for since we don't know a large portion of people.

They will probably try to once again figure out who is useful and work from there. At least Bellamy is safe, that is exactly what he deserves after this entire season. Octavia did two things right this week, one of which was making sure Bellamy was safe. 

Samantha: Bellamy obviously has a place, but is he going to make it back from the away mission to get Raven? Are any of the people on that mission going to make it back in time?

Barring those wild cards, I definitely think that Kane and Abby have a spot, as well as Octavia and Indra and Niylah (I know those two aren't Skaikru, but Niylah seems to belong with them more than her own people). Jaha is for sure out, and it's time for him to go. But I think other minor characters like the Millers and Jackson are safe. 

Who was the MVP?

Allison: Bellamy! He came through and got the hatch open. He did not care how much physical pain he had to inflict on himself in order to get to his sister.

Yana: Bellamy. Bellamy. Bellamy. Literally tearing at his wrists (and those screams were intense!), and it was all for his sister. I didn't have any doubts that he would be this loyal, but this episode really reminded us of that.

Samantha: Can I say Bellamy AND Abby? I just loved them working together so much and each of them defying Clarke and Jaha in different ways. Plus, he couldn't have gotten that hatch open without her!

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