The Americans Season 5 Episode 11 Review: Dyatkovo

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Have both Philip and Elizabeth had enough of their jobs?

While quitting wasn't their preferred modus operandi after The Americans Season 5 Episode 11, going home was what occurred to Elizabeth.

Even though they were in Boston when she made the announcement of her desire to go home, I don't think she meant for Philip to drive faster. She's ready to go back to Russia.

Crisis Vertical - The Americans Season 5 Episode 11


After everything they've been through lately and all they've discovered about the Centre, why would they want to go home now?

The picture they're getting of home is extremely unflattering, isn't it? Or is the unflattering picture somehow comforting? 

What little I understand about poor Oleg and his life I know this: not even government agents live the good life in the Soviet Union.

Groceries Are Crazy - The Americans Season 5 Episode 11

Oleg's dad being the Minister of Transportation (or whatever) gets to shop in a special grocery store, one that probably doesn't function in the same corrupt world as the ones Oleg is investigating. Or maybe the one so far at the top of the heap it's the most corrupt.

Who knows? But Oleg's partner didn't want to spoil his wife with a taste of the good life.

Why would anyone want to rush back to that life with their kids, especially kids who would be thrust into turmoil?

It was surprising how little we heard about Pastor Tim and Paige considering that bombshell at the end of The Americans Season 5 Episode 10, but at least Philip thought about it and came to the same determination as I did.

Do you think Paige wanted us to see those photos?
I don't know. She already told us.
But maybe she wanted to see us read them right in front of her. Or maybe she was just moving too fast.

He also wants Henry to go to St. Edwards. As does Elizabeth. Henry thought FBI headquarters was pretty cool, and it reminded me of that short-lived program about a kid from a family of KGB agents who grew up in the dark and went into the FBI. 

Apparently, it's not so far-fetched because there has already been a show about it!

In the also not cool news, Claudia confirmed that yes, the virus that killed William was weaponized and used by their people. Philip wasn't wrong to be paranoid. What else has he been thinking that is also correct?

Stan's girlfriend is probably one of them. Philip has excellent instincts. That's why he's been so afraid of his recent thoughts.

Their newest case worried Philip, as well. He found it hard to believe they were going to track down and kill a woman based off of an ancient photo and a woman who, after the war, bore a physical resemblance to her who went to America and became someone else.

Killer - The Americans Season 5 Episode 11

Yet that's just how it played out.

The crisis was difficult to ascertain. Philip and Elizabeth don't talk as frequently or as in depth as I would like them to. Too much is left open for interpretation.

Based on the woman they met in Boston, it was evident she had changed quite a bit from her days wantonly shooting Russian soldiers while she was shacking up with the Nazis.

That was hardly the story, though, was it? As a 16-year-old girl, her family was shot down around her along with the rest of her friends and neighbors. She was allowed to live, to become a toy with many uses for the Nazis. 

Philip would have allowed her to live. The woman she became after the horror she lived and the life her own people painted of her (the juxtaposition was insulting) was enough for Philip.

It's Not Her - The Americans Season 5 Episode 11

Honestly, it was probably enough for Elizabeth, too, even after I saw that look of shock on her face when she realized Philip couldn't pull the trigger. 

The reality is if they didn't do it, not only would they get in trouble, someone else would do the job anyway. There was no way the woman standing before them would be able to resume the life she had led under any circumstances.

Even if she were left alone by the Russians, she'd look over her shoulder forever. 

Maybe Elizabeth was kind in putting the very much in love couple out of their misery. At least they died knowing how much they loved one another.

Philip and Elizabeth looked like they'd been through hell. They don't have it in them to continue doing the job. It seemed the same for Claudia, who has no spunk left to her. They're dead inside when it comes to their work. 

Without passion, it could get them in trouble.

There are two episodes left to the season. What's coming next? Will The Americans soon be American in the Soviet Union? 

Whether you watch live of watch The Americans online, please share your thoughts about what's happening below in the comments.

Where is this season leading us? 

Dyatkovo Review

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The Americans Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Do you think Paige wanted us to see those photos?
I don't know. She already told us.
But maybe she wanted to see us read them right in front of her. Or maybe she was just moving too fast.

Philip: So Konin is Perkupchick. Or someone who is the same height and age as she was at the end of the war?
Claudia: Yes.