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Did someone try to replicate the American embassy bombing in Mali?

That was the big question on Madam Secretary Season 4 Episode 16 as the anniversary of the historic event loomed. 

Everyone who knew someone linked to the event struggled to move on because they knew there was a real possibility that more drama was coming. 

Did Elizabeth manage to solve unrest among a group of people before it was too late to reason with them?

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Madam Secretary Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Elizabeth [to Blake}: Henry and I are going to go eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the freezing cold park. This is what passes as a date night these days.
Henry: Don't wait up for us.

Elizabeth: What about the rest of them? The eighteen children crowded around the gate to their school down the block from where the bomb went off? Their teachers? The four nuns on their way to work at the AIDS hospice? We don't, we don't have the time to say their names aloud too?
Matt: Of course we do, Ma'am.
Elizabeth: Damn right we do.