Sharp Objects Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Falling

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Adora's disdain for Camille saved her life.

On Sharp Objects Season 1 Episode 7 it's revealed what has been going on in the Crellin house, and the lady in white has a lot to do with it.

While Richard tears apart Wind Gap looking for answers to save the mysterious woman for who he's fallen, Camille finds an odd solace in the arms of the man the town thinks murdered his sister and her friend. It's not that easy in Wind Gap.

The Tray - The Affair Season 4 Episode 10

Once upon a time, there were stories all over the place about Munchausen by Proxy. Now it's not even called that anymore. It's called Factitious disorder imposed on another (FDIA). Maybe Munchausen was too cute of a name.

Whether that's the end of the road for the series when Sharp Objects Season 1 Episode 8 airs we'll soon find out, but it all adds up when it comes to the nightmare that is Adora Crellin.

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With her lovely white medicinal table, the death of her young daughter and the reasoning why she so dislikes Camille for robbing her of the limelight, storywise it makes perfect sense.

I'd love to know what Adora has on Vickery because he doesn't seem to get all that much out of their "relationship" to keep her sick secrets close to the vest, and if Jackie has known about them and tried to have them revealed upon Marian's death to no avail, Wind Gap has paying homage to Adora for a long time.

Sleeping Beauty - The Affair Season 4 Episode 10

Buried deep inside of Camille, she knows the truth, too.

Her memories escape one frame at a time, hardly enough to give her the full movie of her childhood when almost every waking second is spent drunk, far from Wind Gap and cutting the frames out of existence to keep her fragile sanity intact.

Her lonely reality is threatened when she dares share a piece of herself with someone else, and if that someone isn't a kindred spirit, they can misunderstand the nuances of her thoughts.

Everyone Camille lets in is for a different reason and sees a different part of her. What she shared with Richard is on a different plane than what she shared with John, but no less honest or daunting for what she feels in that moment.

John: I saw this the other day. Can I look? It's OK, Camille. Let me see.
Camille: John, nobody sees.
John: I do. Hey, it's OK Camille. Let me see you. It's OK.

What John and Camille shared about their sisters and profound loss wasn't meant to be shared between Camille and Richard. For whatever reason, the fear John was experiencing knowing the system was about to come down around him for the murder of someone he loved that much allowed him to see Camille. Really see her.

Someone like Camille can't let any moment like that pass because they are so infrequent. The intensity and meaning behind what they shared couldn't be missed, either, but landing square in Richard's face almost did in both he and Camille.

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Thankfully, Richard is a smarter, more compassionate man than his words give him credit. The look on his face as Camille neared her car after she exited the motel said he wasn't leaving her side no matter what he'd just witnessed.

Arresting John - The Affair Season 4 Episode 10

And what did we witness at the end? I've watched this episode more than once, and I'm getting the supernatural feel back at the house.

Whether it's a palpable spirit of Marin this time or not, her presence will be in that house as long as Adora continues killing her daughters, and she's killing Amma because Amma wants her mama's love.

It hurts me that you don't trust me to do the best for you.


It doesn't take much to get Amma back in line after she tries to stand up against Adora, and she admitted she wants Adora the way Adora wants her to be: young, impressionable, sitting in front of a dollhouse.

Amma told Adora she didn't think she'd be loved as much as Marian because she was more trouble, but if more trouble means Adora can swoop in and save the day, Adora will continue loving Amma to death.

That was the key of the conversation Camille had with John, too. Adora never gave up on Natalia and Anna because she wanted to solve them. If Camille had let Adora solve her, she'd be dead. 

Like Jackie asked Camille, if you don't like my Bloodys, why do you keep drinking them? Because spend enough time with Adora and you know the easiest answer is to lay back and take it. But Camille didn't do it that well, or she'd be dead like Marian.

Adora isn't Adoring - The Affair Season 4 Episode 10

Will Camille confront Adora in the house? Will she confront Alan? It's hard to imagine Alan would do much other than sitting there like a slug. 

He watches as Adora crushes medicine to make for his daughter, but it never crosses his mind to ask what's in it? The way Jackie talks about Vickery's other girl, I've been under the assumption if Adora ever spoke louder than a whisper, it might be while having sex with Vickery.

Despite the fact both The Sinner and Sharp Objects are painting a less-than-flattering look at small-town America at the moment, I think these are the exceptions, not the rule.

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Did you expect Adora to live up to her name and end her daughters' lives and those of other mothers to get the town to think more highly of her and shower her with praise, or do you think maybe Ashley is taking over the Wind Gap mantle and killing with the hope of getting some attention?

Are there other suspects? I think this one is all about Adora Crellin, but I've been wrong before.

What did you think of the closeness shared between Camille and John? Was it separate than what she has shared with Richard? Is she rediscovering herself because of her proximity to hell on earth, her mother, Adora?

Hit the comments and guess what's coming on Sharp Objects Season 1 Episode 8.

Falling Review

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Sharp Objects Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Vickery: I'm off to protect and serve.
Jackie: Off to mix and serve. HAHAHAHA

Amma: She gave you the blue.
Camille: No, I didn't want it.
Amma: You know what my favorite part about getting wasted it? Mama takes care of me after.
Camille: I think you can take care of yourself.
Amma: I want mama, and she wants me like this.