All Rise Season 1 Episode 4 Review: A View from the Bus

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That was quite the field trip. 

Lola granted a jury field trip to a crime scene on All Rise Season 1 Episode 4, and it perfectly highlighted how one event could skew the minds of the jurors. 

With as much information as we get every day, how sure can we be that we're getting facts?

Field Trip - All Rise

Most of us don't know what a gunshot sounds like, and in a witness situation with a lot of sounds pounding us from every direction and a lot of background noise, confusing fact with fear and fiction could be pretty easy.

It was an unusual way to drive those points home, but dragging an entire jury to the location of a crime can be helpful, and Dylan was hoping the jurors could get some perspective on his case.

Just when it seemed like things were going Dylan's way, it emerged that there was an active shooter in the area.

Given that Dylan was in the frame for shooting his friend, it didn't take long for the jurors to question whether it was part of some high-stakes escape plan. 

It made for a harrowing watch, especially when everyone was bundled into a disused warehouse to stay safe. The incident clearly took away from that early win for Dylan, and it weighed heavily on both Lola and Emily. 

A Different Way of Doing Things - All Rise Season 1 Episode 4

Lola strives for everyone to get a fair trial, and that's exactly what she tried to give Dylan. It's only natural that she would feel responsible for the response from the jurors in the aftermath. 

It was a significant risk and one that could have gone wrong at every turn. Lola almost put herself in the firing line by gearing up to chat with the juror about her thoughts on the case. 

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That would have been wrong on so many levels, but we need to remember here that Lola was thinking with her heart after talking to a visibly distressed juror. 

It was painfully obvious Dylan was innocent from the get-go. He was just a young man who tried to carve a better life for himself, but keeping secrets from Emily was not the best course of action. 

Career Advice - All Rise Season 1 Episode 4

The rule of thumb is to tell your lawyer everything that people can use against you, and Dylan's lack of transparency could have cost him his freedom. 

He's lucky he had a judge like Lola, as well as a lawyer like Emily, and not some other people who didn't give a crap about the outcome. 

Emily: Once we get the club, the jury gets off the bus and we take them to exactly where you said when the shooting happened.
Dylan: It's going to look a lot different during the day.
Emily: It doesn't matter. Dylan, it's not about what you saw, it's about what you heard.
Dylan: Which was nothing. I heard nothing.

The lie about school was a good one because it made him seem like he had ambition and something to do if he became a free man again. 

But it only served as ammunition for the prosecutor. This whole scenario should be a lesson to Dylan that telling the truth is always the best course of action. 

Luke Helps Out - All Rise Season 1 Episode 4

The most frustrating aspect of this storyline is the way Dylan was being treated. From the car he was supposed to get in to go to the scene to the way most people were acting frightened of him. 

The court of public opinion comes to mind, and it sure seemed like people had ruled Dylan the murderer from the get-go. 

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This particular case also made Luke think more about what trajectory he wants to take into the courtroom, and he has some food for thought now. 

Having Lola as his mentor of sorts should help him get to where he wants to be, but was the one who won an award on All Rise Season 1 Episode 3, so he should have no issues doing things of his own accord. 

Making a Plan - All Rise Season 1 Episode 4

Luke was in a much better place after being racially profiled. He has a new sense of where he wants his career to go, and he's growing ever closer to Emily. 

Their debate about whether they had already been on a date was cute. Emily was right to have reservations about jumping into anything given that she's going through a divorce. 

When was the last time anybody ever did a Jury View? O.J.?


Having a man as understanding as Luke in her life is a good thing because she knows that he wants to take things at the pace she wants to. 

Their chemistry is off the charts, but the slow-burn route is the best course of action for both of them. They wouldn't want to make things awkward at work if they rushed into something and realized it was not for them. 

Emily Raises a Glass - All Rise Season 1 Episode 3

Mark's run-in with Detective Leland was everything. The moment she arrived with all the details, once again it was obvious she was not following protocol. 

Leland has already proven that she's willing to cut corners in the name of rising the ranks. She confirmed as much when Lola pulled her aside on All Rise Season 1 Episode 1

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Mark was understandably confused, but Lola would be crossing a line if she went into detail about it. Mark investigating the warrant and everything else associated with the case was all thanks to Lola telling him to be careful. 

We pursue the truth, no matter where it takes us.


The last thing Lola wanted was Mark to be discredited in the courtroom or put in the frame for not following protocol. 

She Exists! - All Rise Season 1 Episode 3

The twist of fate here was that Leland's misdeeds meant Mark had to let the man he was prosecuting go free. Even though Mark was cut up about it, Thomas was right about justice still being served. 

If this resulted in getting a crooked detective off the streets, then that's justice. 

"A View from the Bus" was the best episode of this CBS drama to date. All of the storylines were interesting, and there was a perfect blend of humor, law, and drama. 

What did you think of it?

Are you happy Dylan was set free? 

Hit the comments below. 

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All Rise Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Emily: Once we get the club, the jury gets off the bus and we take them to exactly where you said when the shooting happened.
Dylan: It's going to look a lot different during the day.
Emily: It doesn't matter. Dylan, it's not about what you saw, it's about what you heard.
Dylan: Which was nothing. I heard nothing.

Emily: I'm just getting out of a marriage. I still have to go through a divorce.
Luke: We'll take it at your pace.