Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 4 Review: S'Mothered

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Eddie celebrated his six month anniversary with Tina on Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 4 and Tina was itching for more than a small present. 

It was only a matter of time before Tina finally met Jessica, but their first meeting was not the way Eddie expected.

To his dismay, Tina took matters into her own hands and showed up unannounced at his house. 

Jessica meets Eddie's girlfriend - Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 4

It's been so long since the show has focused on Eddie that I almost forgot what was going on in his life.

The show's supposed to be a memoir about his life, but as of late, the focus has surrounded Jessica and Louis.

I'm certainly not mad by the recent focus on Jessica, she definitely has the biggest personality on the show. 

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But it is good to finally see more progression through the lives of the kids, specifically Eddie. 

Eddie holding sweatshirt - Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 4

Eddie's biggest fear was that the two most important women in his life would hate each other.

It's like Roe versus Wade in there.


Instead, he's faced with an even greater fear he never knew was possible. They would get along. 

Jessica and Tina become buddy-buddy and even tag team to make Eddie think otherwise.

After he ran in to diffuse a physical fight of two heavyweights, he finds them laughing and enjoying each other's company.  

Jessica disapproving - Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 4

It was obvious the two were going to get along. Especially with the subtle hints of similarity in their initial meeting.

Jessica finally met her match, and instead of looking at herself in a mirror and finding it too abrasive, she embraces it with full and open arms. 

I guess it's true what they say. You tend to be attracted to partners who exhibit scary similarities with your parents. 

Eddie's girlfriend - Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 4

Louis had his moment of trials and tribulations as he struggles with what appears to be a midlife crisis.

Cattleman's Ranch was a past dream, the dream that brought the family to Orlando. 

Six seasons in and Cattleman's Ranch has risen to success alongside the family's maturation.  

Louis and his coffee - Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 4

Cattleman's Ranch acts as a symbol of the family. As it struggled to succeed in the new town, the family tended to struggle with finding their place in the suburbs. 

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Now that it's finally running well, the family has found themselves and are truly creating a life. They have become more than just immigrants and the Chinese family of the cul de sac. *tear*

Huang family kitchen - Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 4

Louis mistook the success of the restaurant as a sign that he needed to find another path and the next chapter for himself. 

With the help of Emery, he attempted cutting hair, giving tours, and motivational speaking. All were shortlived. 

How can I help you find your next chapter if I can't even find mine?


After discouragement befell him, Emery offers his father's advice back to him. Emery's certainly learned from the best parents. 

While Louis learned his lesson, Eddie and Jessica learned theirs as well. Eddie embraced the miracle of Jessica finally accepting his girlfriend. 

Eddie in pajamas - Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 4

I'm shocked there was no mention of Tina not being Chinese.

Jessica made a big deal about Eddie only dating a Chinese girl much earlier in the seasons, but I guess she's finally opened up and loosing her traditional ways. 

Big G said it best, "Never bet against a ginger."

Never estimate a ginger.

Grandma Huang

Jenny Huang - Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 4

Evan didn't receive much of a plotline this episode. His new revelation was finding his inner self and learning meditation.

He looked like a mini-me of Jason Mendoza from The Good Place.

It was a total throwaway storyline, but I guess 20 minutes limits the number of storylines you can smoosh together in a single episode. 

Evan the monk - Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 4

The friendship between "Jess" and Tina was sweet, but I hope they never do it again. It was too strange seeing Jessica get along that well with someone else. Especially Eddie's girlfriend. 

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It was sweet seeing Eddie and Jessica bond; these past few episodes must be building to the end of an era when he finally goes off to college. 

Jessica smiling - Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 4

Jessica's tough love for the boys is what makes their bond special. And her change of pace with Eddie shows a lot of character growth.

Don't ever weaponize Amy Grant again.


Since the college episode, she's learned she needs to take a different approach with Eddie.

And her little speech about realizing Eddie's love for Tina and how important their relationship was to him, was indicative of all the growing she's accomplished.

This was a big episode for Eddie and Jessica! Now Louis needs to find his way again, and the whole family will be set. 

Jessica doing homework - Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 4

Additional Side Notes:

  • The man's proposal to Louis was an allusion to Facebook, right? Or am I completely off?
  • I'm confused, the kids must officially back in school now. But they were on summer vacation during the last episode? Please ease my confusion in the comments!
  • I almost forgot Tina and Grant were siblings, but thank god their hair says it all.
  • Taking out the twinky filling was the absolute most Jessica thing ever.

What do you think is next for the family? Will they delve deeper into Emery's budding acting career? 

Don't forget to leave your comments and ratings below!

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Never estimate a ginger.

Grandma Huang

It's like Roe versus Wade in there.