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Time is speeding along, and The Purge Season 2 Episode 4 takes place three months after Ben killed the beloved Strawberry farmer.

At this rate, we'll probably be at another Purge Night by the finale, but it seems too early.

The storylines are inching up to that night too fast without offering enough backstory on how The Purge came into existence.

Esme at the Office - The Purge Season 2 Episode 4

There are small reveals that tickle the imagination, but if the series isn't renewed (and it's not looking good), then we'll be forced waiting for another Purge movie to dole out information.

And let's be honest, this material is ideal for a TV show, but the people who go to see The Purge movies want blood and gore and frights galore. Policies won't fly.

Learning the Truth - Tall - The Purge Season 2 Episode 4

Esme and Darren have gathered enough information that they realize it was someone in power who killed Professor Adams to keep her and her research quiet.

They're NFFA because they had to have used the same face recognition software to track down the Professor's subjects. And the shot of Esme's boss (does that guy have a name?) watching her at her computer suggests that he could be feeding information to higher sources.

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He does rely on her quite a bit, though, so it's possible he's protecting his own arse by keeping tabs on Esme. Without her skills, his district won't be nearly as effective.

But setting up Esme to get Purged on the next night would sure put her into a fascinating position. 

Check Out Those Brain Scans - The Purge Season 2 Episode 4

Darren is a smart guy. It was almost embarrassing that he figured out the probability of who killed Professor Adams before Esme. She's a little too close to the situation to understand the severity of it or realize that she's not untouchable as a result of her role there.

If people could be addicted to violence, well then, that goes against everything the NFFA says about releasing rage and all that.


If people can get addicted to social media, Purge addiction shouldn't come as a surprise. You have to wonder what it is about a society that allows them to suck up what the NFFA is selling so easily.

We saw a couple of instances during the hour that suggests people are acting on their basest instincts without thinking through their Purges or the ramifications down the line, but we also got indications that The Purge is all-encompassing no matter where you stand on it.

That just gives the government more reason to suppress dissent. Think about it, if they're lying about The Purge, what else could they be covering up?


Whether you're busy making your house into an Anti-Purge fortress or planning your next Purge, the money getting spent on Purge items is creating a booming economy.

The Grief Box business is massive. Crematoriums get a windfall every year. People have to process personal belongings. Someone else has to make tiny urns. Then there are the delivery drivers. 

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I think the economic gain is behind their need to keep the truth from the American people. Accepting defeat and admitting The Purge didn't work is one thing, but sending the economy crashing with egg on your face is another.

Look What You Can Buy at the Purge Store! Season 2 Episode 4

Did you get a good look at the Purge USA store in the photo above? It's utter bonkers to imagine a store that sells that stuff year around with the sole purpose of harming others.

Thank you for shopping Purge USA stores. We blow out, so you can blow 'em away.


People like Ben and his new Purge-store friend don't need the extra motivation. Strolling into a Purge store months in advance of The Purge is ludicrous. They should be like fireworks displays -- you get just a few weeks to plan your event, or you're out of luck.

But Ryan was well into his heist, too, going to Tommy at the prison to get his input on what they hope to be the score of a lifetime. Just as people with money never stop trying for more, people who Purge once will probably never stop.

When you can do something and get away with it, you do. Shoplifting in California is overlooked now to free up police officers for bigger crimes, so now shoplifting is rampant and the offenders blatant. 

What are the odds that when the rush they get from stealing subsides, they won't want to move onto something bigger? It's in our nature to always challenge ourselves, even if it's to our detriment.

Purgersize - The Purge Season 2 Episode 4

Why else would Tommy, who is essentially on death row, consider offering help to Ryan? And why would Ryan even float it past him? They can't stop even when their lives are on the line.

While Ben's new friend spends a year putting together his kill list for Purge Night, Ben's personal attachment to people (and animals) keeps him from harming them. It's the people he doesn't know who are in for a surprise.

The softer the would-be Purge is, the less likely he is to do it. The cow and her big eyes? Nope. His frat brother crying over his Purged brother AND who apologized profusely for getting Ben into Purging in the first place? Safe. Some random girl out with her friends? Sorry, girlio.

With NFFA cameras virtually everywhere, a couple of scenes were downright stupid. One was Ben tracking that girl down her dorm (or whatever) hallway. He's too recognizable in that form. That proves it's an addiction switch that got pulled. He's not otherwise so stupid.

Michelle Wants to Know What Marcus Is Doing - The Purge Season 2 Episode 4

The other scene that sent up flares was when Ryan and his gang set the electronic masking device and shut down the shopping mall. The girl (I think her name is Sarah) put her hand out the window to click the button.

Hello! Ryan! You already know the NFFA is tracking you, so why are you doing things in broad daylight and with cameras all around? Nobody who is going to such great lengths for the perfect, once-in-a-lifetime score would be so stupid.

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Does anybody else still think Michelle is a little off?

Marcus spent a lot of time remembering his life with his ex, Tonya, and from those scenes, it seems like she's got her stuff together. Their early Purge together was harrowing but said a lot about them as a couple.

The Dark Web Beckons - The Purge Season 2 Episode 4

Marcus lost Tonya because she wanted to stay and fight for her community while Marcus wanted to cut and run to keep them safe. For Tonya, safety isn't worthwhile if it means losing something as important as community.

Marcus seems to trust Tonya more than Michelle, but I'm unsure if that's because I don't trust Michelle or if there are signs pointing in that direction. What do you think?

If there we're winding our way to Purge Night, I could imagine every one of our characters in very close proximity in a kill or be killed scenario. Ryan and his friends would be the most difficult to place, but Esme and Darren could easily wind up with his dad, Marcus, and Ben's right on campus.

Will they all be targeted by the NFFA? That could be a thing. Hit me with your ideas of where the season will end and what you thought of the latest developments.


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The Purge Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

If people could be addicted to violence, well then, that goes against everything the NFFA says about releasing rage and all that.


That just gives the government more reason to suppress dissent. Think about it, if they're lying about The Purge, what else could they be covering up?