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Viewers learn what it's like to see Oliver Queen speechless as Slade Wilson stands before Oliver, presents an Australian rum and toasts to friendship.

Island flashback:  Oliver, Sara and Slade prepare to take over the freighter from Ivo.

Island flashback: Sara convinces Oliver he has to kill Ivo to ensure Slade never learns the truth about Shado.

Island flashback: Slade offers up the same rum to toast what could be their last day on the island. Oliver asks Sara to tell his family he wasn't the same kid he was in Starling if he doesn't make it back and she asks him to tell them she died on the Gambit. Oliver goes to sleep only to dream about Shado, who asks why he didn't choose her before stabbing him multiple times.

Island flashback: The freighter captives are shown. A "preacher boy" is playing with a mouse he keeps as a pet. Ivo asks someone how "she" is doing and is told not well, that all modern medicine has its limits. He prepares to take a man's eye for research.

Island flashback: Oliver is wearing a hood for the first time. His archery skills have progressed nicely and it allows the man to keep his eye by detaining Ivo.

Island flashback: Oliver's archery may have progressed but his ability to run has not. He trips, falls and is captured. He awakens in the cells and the preacher boy introduces himself -- Thomas Wendt. Others are not happy at Oliver's association with Sara.

Island flashback: Ivo injects Oliver with sodium pentothal to get the answers he wants.

Oliver starts to lose his patience with Slade, first attempting to get him out of the house and then attempting to stab him. Slade easily thwarts his effort and Thea walks in. Moira enlists Thea to help show Slade their art collection.

Island flashback: Oliver is only acting like the truth serum has worked, because Sara predicted Ivo would use it and knew what to feed Oliver to counteract it. Slade dons the Deathstroke mask and claims Ivo's death as his own.

Oliver dials the Arrow Cave but doesn't speak. While on speaker Sara recognizes Slade's voice and raises the alarm.

Sara, Roy and Diggle prepare to infiltrate the mansion.

Island flashback: Everyone is searching for Ivo, captives are running wild, there is a lot of gunfire and there are a lot of explosions. Ivo makes a phone call to Jessica. She says she was married to a man named Anthony. He was a doctor and he went away. Anthony says he found a cure.

Island flashback: While Oliver holds Ivo at arrow, Ivo recounts how Shado died and tells Oliver he holds himself accountable. Then he nods to Slade asking what he will do. Instead of focusing his anger on Ivo, Slade turns on Oliver.

Roy introduces himself to Slade with a particularly firm handshake and Sara pops in for a hello. After meeting the entire gang, Slade kisses Moira and shows himself out.

Oliver finally puts together Cyrus Gold and the man in the skull mask as working for Slade. Slade's man has taken down Diggle.

Island flashback: Slade takes Oliver to Ivo. Slade shows Ivo that he still has Mirakuru and demands that he show him how he killed Shado, using Shado as his target. Oliver tries to explain the impossible situation he was in with Sara and Shadow. With Ivo aiming the gun, Slade rammed a glade into his gut.

Moira asks Oliver to stay away from the house if he's going to continue to treat her poorly. 

Slade is in him home. He's watching video feed from all of the cameras he placed in the Queen mansion during his visit. His mask is removed showing a dry socket. Ouch.




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Arrow Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Moira: What should we drink to?
Slade: To friendship.

Slade: You and I have something in common.
Moira: What's that?
Slade: I know how difficult it is to pick yourself up when other people have written you off.