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When Jules attends a BBQ with Josh and his young friends, his loving embrace makes her think Josh is falling in love with her.   When she brings it up to him, he quickly dismisses it, but later admits he loves her.  She realizes she has to break it off and goes through the weakest break up ever.  She dumps him yet continues to take his calls and sleep with him and finds her way right back into the relationship.  Eventually the girls convince her and she just closes the door on Josh and stops taking his calls.

Meanwhile, Bobby is suffering from money problems and tries to sell his posession and betting on a golf game where he takes on Grayson as his partner.  He wins and pays Jules some money he owes her (from a different bet).  They have a heart to heart and at the end we realize that Bobby is still, like Josh, clinging on to strings that Jules is leaving for him.  The episode ends with him staring at his wedding ring.

Oh and we see Travis is majorly crushing on Laurie.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I haven't drank out of a red plastic cup since my wedding reception


You think my butt looks like it could be your roommate's? We need to hug, wow