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When Jules accidentally let's it slip that she finds Grayson attractive, she tries to get him to reciprocate to no avail.  It gets even worse when she accidentally holla'd (yeah, that's right, we used holla), at Grayson while he was out jogging.  Jules decided she'd be mean for the first time and get some revenge by seeing what Grayson's ex was up to.  When she finds his ex, it turns out she's pregnant and engaged and she can't wait to rub it in his face.  

Jules shows up at Grayon's bar, just minutes after he admits to Laurie and Bobby that his ex actually left him because he wanted kids and she didn't.  Before Laurie can stop her, she tells Grayson, crushing him.  She then goes to visit him while he sulks in his home, but he won't have her in.  She comes in anyways and tries to cheer him up.  In the end, Grayson puts her porch light on, the signal that he finds Jules mutually attractive but tells her he only did it to be nice to her.  Sure.

Jules makes Bobby come by and pick up all his old crap and they discover an old sex tape of hers.  Jules shows it to the girls, causing Ellie to get depressed about her body when she sees a 19 year old hot body of Jules.  Andy, however, is more turned on than ever and wants to make one with Ellie.  It actually takes Laurie of all people to tell Ellie she's hot... for an old chick.  Ellie and Andy then get it on, make a tape, and hate the results.

Meanwhile, Bobby tries to bond with Travis by getting him to eat an old cheetoh, but when Travis refuses, he gets depressed that he shares nothing in common with his son.  Bobby eats the cheetoh himself and Travis suggests that maybe their bonding is Travis getting Bobby to do stupid stuff.  They agree and have some cute father-son bonding with a hose.  Yeah, don't ask.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Jules: Oh look who got laid last night
Andy: That's right chumps, missionary accomplished!

Ellie: Why are you out of breath
Jules: Cause I'm sanding down my disgusting elephant heels. With all the shavings here I could make a second foot