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Sara talks Van Gogh into joining her side of the fight, but A & W shoots Van Gogh before he could do anything. Michael and Sara escaped the house, but Mike ran off with Jacob. 

Jacob told Mike that his mother was dead and that Michael was not really his father. Mike then went on Team Jacob. 

Michael told T-Bag the only way they get out of it all alive is if they kill Jacob. 

At a meeting, A & W shot Whip, killing him. T-Bag then murdered A & W, while Michael lured Jacob into a replica of the building that was used to kill the CIA director. 

He then implicated Jacob in the murder that he committed in the first place. Michael was then offered at job at the CIA, but Michael declined the job. 

Michael then brought Sheba back into the fold and her relationship with Lincoln blossomed. Both brothers said they loved each other. 

Meanwhile, T-Bag was sent back to Fox River Prison and his bunk mate was Jacob. T-Bag murdered him as the series faded to black. 

Prison Break
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Prison Break Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

The secret to real power is to never betray your intentions, to wear nothing on your sleeve and to never let anyone see your face.


I'll always be a step ahead of you. I can see everything in your eyes.