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Sara rushes to Greece to help save Michael after having an argument with Jacob. When she gets there, she gives him her blood, before Michael tells her that Jacob is Poseidon. 

Sara says that she had her suspicions, but was made to look crazy, before worrying about Mike. Michael said that the best thing to do is return home with a mask on and not to let Jacob know. 

When the group decides to hitch a ride on Sucre's ship, they are asked for $50,000 so Sara hands over her grandmother's ring, which is worth $120,000. 

Sara returns home, while the sailor of the boat contacts the authorities to tell them that Kaniel Outis is on the ship. This causes a huge fight and Navy SEALS show up. 

Vincent and A&W kill Kishira, who says he knows what they're up to. When the team overpower the SEALS, a rocket is sent to the ship. 

Sara confronts Jacob, who claims he loves her, before saying Mike is at a friends. Later, he manages to get Mike taken away by one of his friends and asks Sara to have a conversation with him. 

Prison Break
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Prison Break Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Jacob: So, he really is alive?
Sara: And, he needs help and I'm the only one who can help him.

And I'm Puerto Rican.