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Fitz has found a little more than friendship with Lillian Forrester, the reporter who declined to interview him based on a crush. Abby interrupts the two of them to tell him that if he plans to continue this affair, a plan needs to be put into place. He's "wild carding" and cannot do so without the support of the Secret Service. Instead of listening, Fitz tells Abby to leave.

Rowan and Olivia meet and he congratulates her on landing Mellie Grant as her client and avenue to power. Then he brings up the fact that Jake is seeing someone and she dodges the question and says Jake is an adult. He relents.

Susan Ross announces her Presidential run and calls David. He's in the bed with Liz who forces him to answer. He congratulates Susan on a great speech and she invites him over to dinner. They'll have the house to themselves. 

Huck finds Jake leaving Olivia's apartment and then asks Olivia what she's found on Jake and her father. She tells him that they're not up to anything and there's no intel on their operation. He calls her crazy and tells her to come find him when she's ready to talk.

Cyrus and Ethan discuss Francisco Vargas, their chosen candidate for President. Everything seems squeaky clean on the candidate and his approval ratings are high across the board. Cyrus sets out to find something lurking in Vargas' past and enlists Tom's help.

Charlie and Quinn are planning a road trip together when Charlie gets a call from an old friend who needs someone to watch his kid. Their plans change and they decide to spend the weekend babysitting together instead.

Olivia and Jake discuss Rowan's admission that Jake is seeing someone. Olivia says she doesn't want to know who the woman is, but it's clear she's intrigued but attempting to play nonchalant.

Abby approaches Fitz about their conversation from the night before. She asks, again, that they make a plan so that he can be free to date. Fitz calls Lillian and invites her over just to spite Abby.

Tom intimidates a man named Wayne by threatening his child so that Wayne will work for he and Cyrus. As Abby tells Cyrus about the happenings inside the White House, he tunes her out and smiles.

Liz visits David at the office to have celebratory sex because of Susan's poll numbers. He reveals that there's a solid chance Susan will expect to have sex with him later that night.

Rowan and Olivia discuss Mellie's book again and then Olivia asks him if he's happy. He says he's just enjoying his retirement while she finds her way back into power and Jake plays in the NSA sandbox. Olivia realizes that he's lying. He's playing a game. They toast to a "happy retirement."

Wayne, the man Tom intimidated, walks into a courthouse and Tom frames him as a mass shooter and would-be assassin in order to put Governor Vargas on the national map. Abby takes the briefing to Cyrus so that he can tell Fitz and Cyrus sends Abby to break the news, interrupting his date with Lillian. He threatens to fire her if she doesn't stay out of his personal life.

Charlie finds Quinn watching the breaking news with their pint sized charge in the room and immediately shields the child's eyes.

Olivia asks Jake if Rowan has changed. Jake refuses to answer and Olivia offers to help him if he'll tell her. His phone chimes again and he leaves for work. While Olivia watches the news, Abby calls to talk. Olivia realizes the call is about Fitz and says she doesn't want to know.

Cyrus tells Tom to make sure Wayne shoots before the sharpshooters do the job for them. They need him to fire in order to make Vargas a celebrity they can catapult to President.

Olivia storms into OPA yelling at Huck about her father and tells him that she knows what she's doing, even though it means she's sleeping with the enemy. 

Tom gets into the Capitol building in Pennsylvania and shoots the governor so that the governor will have a chance to be a hero.

Abby gets notice that a photographer caught Lillian Forrester leaving the White House through the private residence entrance so she confronts Fitz once again about his love life. He listens to her this time and agrees to make a plan.

Liz calls David and finds out Susan spent the night. She seems jealous. Abby asks Cyrus for advice on how to help the President dodge the sex affair crisis and he advises her to get Vargas in for a meeting with Fitz. Charlie was working for Tom all weekend.

The team reconvenes at OPA and Olivia is back in black, except this time it's leather. She wants Huck and Quinn to spy on Jake and the woman he's seeing.

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Scandal Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Jake: Huck! You're one creepy bastard, you know that?
Huck: Yes.

I need to put in a request to get laid?

Fitz [to Abby]