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Jace interrupts Alec shooting exploding arrows on the roof of the Institute. Alec is beating himself up after killing Clary's mother; he runs away from the Institute to clear his head.

Clary is heartbroken at losing her mother. She wants to find a way to bring her mother back from the dead. She goes to see Magnus, but he refuses as it is dangerous. He gives her a memory of them meeting for the first time as a gift.

The Clave has pardoned Jace. However, the Institute members are still cautious of him. Jace is upset he didn't have a chance to get to know more of his mother.

Clary visits Iris, a warlock, who can harness the power of resurrection. She asks Iris to help bring her mother back to life. Iris agrees to bring Jocelyn back but in exchange for a favor to be claimed at a later date.

Simon asks his mother to move back home for awhile.

Victor Aldertree bans Jace from field duty after the failure with Valentine. Now that Valentine has two of the Mortal Instruments, the Clave is worried.

Alec can't face Clary after what he's done. Magnus comforts and reassures him that he will in due time.

Clary goes to cut hair from Jocelyn's dead body; she admits to Jace about wanting to bring her back. Jace warns her not to do it.

Simon's sister Becky comes to visit him. She finds his stash of human blood and he lies to her that it's a band prop. She plans to flush the blood, leaving him without food.

Isabelle and Jace are training; her shoulder hasn't healed after the attack with the demon. She goes to Aldertree to lead the mission with the Iron Sisters, but he won't let her since she isn't healed. He gives her a euphoric drug that will heal the infection.

Alec apologizes to Clary regarding Jocelyn's death. She forgives him but asks for her help with the Iris debt. They visit the warlock and she begins to conduct the spell.

Simon reveals the truth to his mother about him being a vampire. At first she thinks it's a joke, but she believes him.

Clary changes her mind about the resurrection when a crow breaks through the window and Iris snaps its neck. Iris claims her debt: She wants Clary to give birth to a warlock baby. The baby would be a mix of warlock, demon and Shadowhunter. Alec goes looking for her, but she's missing from the room.

Clary awakens in a locked dungeon as a demon crawls into the room.

Isabelle and Alec fight Iris, but she makes an escape. She warns the pair that they can save Clary; she, however, still owes Iris a favor.

Clary shines sunlight from her hand; it came from a ruin she saw in a vision. The demon is destroyed.

Simon's mother calls a doctor to seek help for him. She walks in on him feeding from a rat.

The funeral is held at the Institute to send Jocelyn, and the other fallen Shadowhunters, in peace. Clary breaks down in tears.

Luke appears in the middle of a field; he's transforming from a wolf form.

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Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Clary: I can bring my mom back, Jace. Our mom.
Jace: You can't, Clary.
Clary: She wasn't supposed to die, Jace. It was a mistake - a freak demon attack. I want more time with her.
Jace: So do I. But you never know what you're going to get back, there are always risks. You could very well conjure a demon in Jocelyn's form.
Clary: You said "could." She could also come back the same, right?
Jace: Look, I know you want her back, but you have to trust me, Clary.

Alec: I let a demon in, Magnus.
Magnus: That wasn't your fault.
Alec: I don't know what to say to Clary. I can't face her.
Magnus: But you will, because that's what you do, Alexander. It may take you a minute, but I've seen it up close. I went to your wedding. You'll blow up the very ground you stand on to make something right.