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Station 19 have been quarantining from their family members due to the pandemic.

The firehouse responds to the scene of an emergency when a group of teenagers unintentionally start a wildfire.

Sullivan, who is working at a private fire company, is also called and is most likely fired after he assists on the call.

Dean questions whether to move in with Sasha and talks to Jack about it. He later admits that he loves Vic.

Travis learns his father is gay.

Andy gives the eulogy at Pruitt's virtual funeral and talks about how her father did his best and everything that he did was because he loved her.

Flashbacks reveal that Andy's mother left because she was depressed and unhappy.

While Elena did leave, she never knew that Andy thought she was dead.

Pruitt then decided to tell Andy Elena died because it was easier to grieve her mother than learn her mother abandoned them.

After 9/11 Pruitt went to see Elena in New York City and asked her come home, but Elena wouldn't.

Also, Sullivan and Andy decide to temporarily separate so Sullivan can focus on his recovery. 

He says that this is the only way for them to have a life together.


Station 19
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Station 19 Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Maya: Hey, a reminder for the virtual memorial service for Capt. Herrera will take place this afternoon.
Vic: I can’t believe after all the crap we went through to get him his line of duty funeral we have to do it on the fricking internet.
Maya: Agreed.
Jack: Tell me again why we can’t just wait until after lockdown? He was cremated anyway.
Travis: ‘Cause we don’t know when after lockdown is going to be.
Jack: It can’t be more than a couple weeks, right?
Ben: Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.

Tucker: Mom.
Joey: Miranda.
Bailey: My boys. What? Benjamin Warren, you are a sight for sore eyes and back and feet. I miss you.
Ben: I miss you.