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Tara gets embarrassed in class on this episode, as Eddie Izzard's professor calls her out for having D.I.D. and then goes on to say he doesn't believe such a condition even exists.

This causes Tara to confront her teacher and transition into T when he continues to disbelieve her state. When T arrives home, she has a confrontation with Kate, who makes it clear she really does love her mom and doesn't want T messing anything up for Tara at school. Kate tries to stop T from driving, blocking her path and getting a slap to the face as a reward. Finally, Tara comes to, is aware of what T does and embraces her daughter.

She also gives Kate permission to go teach in Japan.


- Neil receives bad news from Max. The latter is selling his company and becoming a field manager for a new one, but he cannot bring Neil on board. He gives Neil $500 as severance, but the result is a torn apart friendship.

- Neil also hears it from Charmaine. She wonders how they will support a baby and she insults Neil by saying he has no drive.

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