5 Best Legal Dramas

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From dramatic to sexy, funny to stylish, it's time to check out the very best legal shows currently on TV. 

1. Suits - USA (Most Buzz Worthy Legal Drama)

Suits - USA  (Most Buzz Worthy Legal Drama)
It's darker, edgier and certainly the most stylish Legal drama on TV. Mike Ross is a brilliant attorney, sort of. He's actually a brilliant fraud and if anyone finds out, it could take the entire firm down with prison time a serious possibility. With stakes like that, it's hard to look away.

2. The Good Wife - CBS (Best Legal Drama)

The Good Wife - CBS (Best Legal Drama)
Coming off its strongest season yet, The Good Wife just keeps getting better. Headed by the beautiful and dynamic Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife is a unique combination, being both intellectually ambitious yet highly entertaining. With Lockhart Gardner and Florrick Agos both fighting for survival, we know we're in for another season of fascinating TV.

3. How to Get Away with Murder - ABC (Best Law School)

How to Get Away with Murder - ABC (Best Law School)
First Shona Rhimes took on medicine (Grey's Anatomy) and then Washington D.C (Scandal). Is there any doubt that How to Get Away with Murder headed by the brilliant Viola Davis as Professor Annalise Keating will be the most entertaining version of law school to hit TV?

4. Franklin & Bash - TNT (Funniest Legal Show)

Franklin & Bash - TNT (Funniest Legal Show)
They're kind of like overgrown frat boys. Handsome, intelligent, overgrown frat boys who practice law. Between raucous parties and creative courtroom antics, they actually manage to run a law firm and make us laugh in the process.

5. Reckless - CBS (Sexiest Legal Show)

Reckless - CBS (Sexiest Legal Show)
It's set in Charleston, South Carolina so steamy is a given. Add in the smoking hot chemistry between city attorney Roy Raydor and defense attorney Jamie Sawyer and you just might need to fan yourself to keep cool. Between a city sex scandal, murder trials and more than enough twists and turns to keep us guessing, we can't get enough of Reckless.

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