Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Most Wanted

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On Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 6 the good guys won, even if they weren't in New York.

When Zorin Brasha bashed in the head of John Coogan over an argument concerning a parking space, he didn't bother to run. Apparently the Albanian criminal with the nickname Teflon actually believed he was...and it was almost the truth.

Danny and Frank took a special interest in the case. Turned out that several years prior, Brasha had a similar argument with an off duty police officer over a drink and slit the man's throat over it. He had managed to get away with that crime but the Reagans were determined to not let that travesty of justice happen again.

I couldn't really blame Coogan for not picking Brasha out of that lineup. When an Albanian terrorist sends you pictures of your niece who lives states away and threatens to send her to you piece by piece, it's hard to stand up and tesitify and simply hope that law enforcement will be there to protect your family. 

In the middle of it all, Danny had to deal with a new boss in Lt. Carver and I liked her from the beginning, especially after this Blue Bloods quote...

Your crimes against grammar are the first ones I'm going to fight in this unit.

Lt. Carver

She's tough and put Danny on notice but there's an edge of humor there. Plus she quickly showed Danny she was a cop's cop when she sat down and went over those witness statements with him. 

Elsewhere Erin took on Brasha's attorney and her old college rival Tori played by Rebecca Mader who was obviously still channeling her Wicked Witch from her stint last season on Once Upon a Time. It was fun to watch her and Erin reminisce about old times one moment and then go for the jugular in court the next. 

Hopefully, seeing Tori as a defense attorney will make Erin reconsider taking the job, no matter what the money involved. As Frank said...

The brass ring in a career isn't the number of zeros on your paycheck. It's when you become indispensable and you are.


All true, but when you're looking at paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in college tuition, that sentiment is a little harder to hold on to. 

I was happy to hear that Nicky was keeping the cost in mind even a little bit when she was making her decsion about which college to choose. Granted it's still the difference between exorbitant and astronomical but still, many kids in her position wouldn't think twice about sticking their parents with the bill if they had the option.

Speaking of which, I'm with Frank when it comes to Nicky's father being an ass. It's not as though Nicky going to college is some sort of surprise. So nice of him to plan ahead to have some money for his daughter's education. Instead he's once again willing to leave the heavy lifting to Erin. 

Finally we get to the Battle of the Shields boxing match which we never got to see at all. Not that I cared all that much but it seemed silly to go through the history of the fight between the Reagan and the Wallace families and then never actually show us a fight. 

So what do you think TV Fanatics? Did you miss the boxing match and should Erin consider going over to the dark side of the law in Blue Bloods Season 5?

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Most Wanted Review

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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Erin: Do you think I'm too old to sell my body?
Danny: No, not to science anyway.

Come on, we can't let those smoke eaters have bragging rights.