Supergirl Round Table: Does Lena Know About Kara?

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Will Kara's secret come out?

That was addressed on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 4 when Kara needed help in the aftermath of the chaos Roulette caused. 

TV Fanatics Christine Hinton, Steve Ford, Yana Grebenyuk and Jim Garner chat Roulette's debut, Alex's feelings and J'onn's new storyline. 

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What did you think of Roulette?

Christine: The most interesting thing about her was that her connections got her cut loose before she was even taken into custody. I’m guessing we’ll be seeing more of her this season, but I wonder if it will be for another fight club, or something equally as nefarious.

Steve: She was far too hammy for me to take her as a serious villain, however I agree with Christine on it being interesting on how quickly her connections got her off the hook. It definitely won't be the last we see of Roullette, but I wish it was.

Yana: I love the actress so seeing her on my screen is far from a burden. I wasn't captivated by her character as much, but I could be if that meant she would appear more on Supergirl. There is definitely more to her than we are expecting.

Jim: I'm with Yana on this one, I love the actress, so I'm ok with seeing her again. She tends to make a pretty formidable presences on screen, so she should be a good bad guy.   

How long will it be before Alex admits her feelings to Maggie?

Christine: Well, Alex just got serious blindsided so I don’t expect it to be any time soon. I’m still trying to figure out if Maggie didn’t mean to send Alex those “signals” or if she did and was planning on cheating on her current girlfriend. There’s still a lot we don’t know about Maggie. 

Steve: I hope it will be sooner rather than later, and doesn't tread water for most of the season. There is definitely chemistry there, it's just a matter of time before something sparks between them.

Yana: I have to say, I wasn't expecting for her to have a girlfriend. I thought Alex would realize she liked Maggie and they would get together, but maybe seeing her with someone else will inspire Alex to realize the obvious sooner. I also don't want to see it stretched out, I want to see those two as a couple but the build up is adorable too ....

Jim: I too hope they don't stretch this out too far. While Maggie had said she had a date, like Yana, I didn't think they were committed. I really hope we see some movement forward in the next few episodes.  

How did you feel about J'onn's storyline?

Christine: I really wasn’t expecting the only other Martian to be a part of a fight club, never mind trap him into being an unwilling participant. I like that J’onn has more of his own story, but I just hope it’s not at the expense of James’ story, because we didn’t see him at all in this episode. 

Steve: With the revelation at the end of last weeks episode that J'onn wasn't the only alien left from Mars, I was looking forward to that being explored more. However, that didn't really play out the way I had hoped in this episode and was left rather disappointed. Especially now that it appears M'Gann is not who we thought she was.

Yana: I didn't pay much attention to his story, I felt like it wasn't a good standalone for him because we didn't care about the other Martian enough to get invested. It's all about having the material to feel something or else it just flops. 

Jim: As the comic book nerd of the group, I love how the story is playing out. Megan (M'Gann) has a very, very interesting story that they've gave most of the pieces in this episode too, just out of order. To put them in the understandable order, She is a white martian hiding as a green martian who doesn't want to kill and feels like she needs to be punished and joined the fight club to serve and penance (for now). The missing piece is why she's not like other white martians.   

Could Lena Luthor already know that Kara is Supergirl?

Christine: Anything is possible. Lena’s no fool. Even if she doesn’t know Kara is Supergirl, she probably suspects she has connections to Supergirl, why else would she give Kara such unrestricted access?

Steve: I'm sure she has her suspicions, but I doubt she knows for sure. It doesn't take much to connect the dots, and Lena is very intelligent.

Yana: That would be incredible to see. Kara is so worried that her identity will be known and Lena is just waiting to see how long it takes before she realizes that it's kind of obvious. The more Kara and Lena scenes, the better. 

Jim: You nailed it Yana! Lana and Kara together are so much fun to watch. While I don't know if Lana is truly not "evil" as the other Luthors are. I'm willing to go out on a limb if it gives us more Kara and Lana interactions, especially if it turns out she knows who Kara is.  

How do you feel about the Winn/Mon-El bromance?

Christine: It was fun to see Winn interact with someone else. He’s always seemed a little intimidated by James but he seems much more at ease with Mon-El. For some reason I’m not feeling a strong connection to Mon-El yet, but I’m willing to give it time. 

Steve: This was probably the high point of the episode for me. I loved watching these two interact with each other. Especially Winn teaching Mon-El some new words and phrases! What's not to love about this new relationship? I'm totally down this this duo.

Yana: I'm feeling a Winn/Mon-El romance to be honest. Let's skip over all the platonic feelings and just move straight to romance, especially because Winn seems to love all the superhero men that we get introduced to.

Jim: I'm guessing Yana picked up on the "You would let me design your costume and give you a name" that Winn said to Mon-el. If Winn isn't at least a little bit into guys (at least super strong ones) they are portraying him all wrong. Though I'm not sure I see a romance as much as a Bro-mance or Hero/Side-kick thing going on.  

What did you think of the episode?

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