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When you watch Younger Season 4 Episode 3 online, you'll see just how bad things between Liza and Kelsey can get.

And it couldn't come at a worse time – a time when Charles is seeing even more potential than ever in Liza as a valued employee of Empirical!

Millennial receives an invitation to a swanky retreat for publishers. They're really moving up in the world.

They are to be one of the featured speakers.

But Kelsey and Liza arrive, they have to share a cabin and put on a show, millennial style. That means drinking the other guests under the table and all kinds of crazy stuff.

Is it something Liza can do without her age showing through? 

And what happens if other publishers know of her work and think of it very highly?

The truth is out there, but it's about her value, not her age.

Get the full lovely vista of the cell-phone-free mountain range when you check into the resort at Achilles Forest and watch Younger online.

Click the video above to get started!

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Younger Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Kelsey: Tinder?
Josh: What? Do you have a better suggestion?
Kelsey: No. I fully support you.
Josh: Awww. Thanks! [watches her undress in the bathroom]

Charles: What do you two think about giving Liza a promotion?
Diana: What would that look like for me?
Charles: I don't plan on leaving you without an assistant, but I think she could use some more responsibility.
Kelsey: Actually, I think Millennial could use someone a step above Liza. We are growing really fast.
Charles: Well, in my opinion, Liza is open to the task, but I am open to exploring other options.