Younger Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Girls on the Side

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Let me be perfectly clear, Liza is no one's damn side piece. 

At least that's the conclusion she came to on Younger Season 5 Episode 10.

There were a lot of different factors that went into her epic realization, but it's leading us to the place I figured she'd arrive at eventually -- she doesn't need a man, she needs to choose herself. 

Josh's Tattoo Shop - Younger Season 5 Episode 10

It isn't a "forever" decision, but merely temporary one as the dust settles for Charles and she figures out her relationship-dynamic with Josh and how he fits into her life. 

Josh was the first one to plant the side-piece thought into Liza's mind when she finally came clean to him about her relationship with Charles in an attempt to be "more real."

Remember how Charles said it was pertinent that their involvement remains a secret? It seems like Liza isn't so good at keeping secrets when they don't serve her. 

Anyways, Josh's reaction was impactful because it was brutally honest about how he was feeling. 

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He was hurt because he thought there was a chance that one day they might be together, and then realized he was completely blindsided by what was really going on.

He assumed that he would remodel the salon as proof that he's gotten his shit together, and Liza would give him another chance. 

Thanks a lot for giving him false hope, Caitlin! 

Charles Is Single  - Younger Season 5 Episode 10

Josh hasn't been acting too mature this season, but at this moment, I could appreciate his bluntness. He's right -- he has never tried to keep his feelings for Liza a secret and has always worn his heart on his sleeve. 

But wanting to be with her and not shying away from his feelings doesn't exactly mean he deserves to be with her. 

In fact, I'd look at this as the first step to finally being able to move on.

Liza: I just spent the weekend telling my daughter not to be some guy's secret. And I don't want to be in a relationship I can't be open about.
Charles: I understand, but now is just not the right time.
Liza: Call me when it is.

I don't blame him for eventually deciding to remove the tattoo. The moment felt like a chapter was closing on the relationship -- one they wouldn't be revisiting anytime soon. 

I also feel like Liza isn't fair to Josh. She knows how much he cares about her -- she even knew he wanted to impress her with the tattoo shop from Kelsey --  but she won't remove herself from his life or give him space. 

When she wanted to barge in to see the remodeled shop, it was proof that she wanted the same kind of treatment that she used to have with him without actually being with him. 

There's Something You Should Know - Younger Season 5 Episode 10

You can't have it all, sis. 

For his sake, she needs to stop running to his side everytime he needs her and trying to be there for him.

I'm also very upset that he made her question Charles' motives by making her believe she was a "side piece" for the sake of being a side piece.

That thought led Liza into a jealousy spiral over Quinn for absolutely no reason, which was very out of character. Since when has Liza ever been the jealous type?

It was very obvious that Quinn wanted to pursue him and would manipulate the situation the way she wanted.

And Charles isn't the kind of man interested in sleeping with other women while she's hanging around waiting for him. It's weird that Liza and Maggie even thought that for a second. 

Charles has legitimate reasons for wanting to keep their budding romance a secret. There are many implications, both personal and professional, for a boss having a fling with a co-worker, let alone one under him. No pun intended. 

Will he hold this decision against her? He seemed surprised but also, understanding. Maybe it will motivate him to figure out a legitimate way to be together? 

However, I genuinely understand Liza's fed-'upness. (I checked. That's an actual word.)

You're Dating Who? - Younger Season 5 Episode 10

Liza's been harboring secrets, and it boils down to what she told her daughter previously -- if you lie, you become a liar. 

At what point does she stop and say enough is enough?

She's hurting her loved ones by adding onto her lies, and even though Caitlin wasn't aware of her mother's double-life, it's not the example she wants to set. 

How can she course correct and tell Caitlin to stop seeing some older man if she is caught in a similar situation? It would make her a hypocrite. 

Choosing herself and living in her truth was the only way to get a clean slate. 

Though Caitlin's relationship with an older man was meant to be a teachable role-reversal for Liza, it was also extremely hilarious. 

Liza's reaction when she saw Caitlin kiss her former professor was just as brilliant as Josh's attitude throughout brunch. 

Not even a bloody-mary brunch could fix that level of uncomfortableness.

Boozy Brunch - Younger Season 5 Episode 10

Greg is lucky that Liza is a "cool mom" who isn't going to report him to the college board! 

Caitlin's reaction to finding out the truth about her mother was equally as hilarious.

Yes, Caitlin, they have seen her in the daylight, and she's flawless. How do you think she scores all these good-looking men?

Those moments are why I love Younger!

Liza wasn't the only one that had a boss moment on Younger Season 5 Episode 10.

I can only keep so many secrets for you, Liza.


Diana finally stood up to Enzo's overbearing mother by straight up stating: "I'm too old for this."

Unlike Liza's story, Diana's had a happy ending because Enzo realized his mother was essentially cockblocking him. 

His love for his mother is no match for his feelings for Diana, and he couldn't bear to lose a strong, resilient, independent diva. 

Honking sex noises aside, I'm glad things are working out between them. But most importantly, I'm glad he's moving out of his momma's house. 

Girl Squad - Younger

While this whole "protective-Italian-mother-who-thinks-her-baby-boy-deserves-the-world" arc delivered some laughable moments, overall, I'm not interested in seeing a grown woman continue to sneak out of a dude's house again.

She really is TOO OLD for that. 

Did anyone else cringe at the scene where she had to pound the eels to death? God, I hate seafood.  

I'm thoroughly enjoying the show's strategy to intertwine characters the would otherwise never interact. 

Enzo: Take the ferry, it's free.
Diana: There's a reason for that.

Maggie making Diana's lasagna is a sure-fire first step into friendship. 

And we're down to Diana and Lauren not knowing and given that they are now diva-partners, it would be perfect if they found out together. 

How do you think the two of them will discover the truth?

Do you agree with me? Disagree? Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments!

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Girls on the Side Review

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Younger Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Enzo: Take the ferry, it's free.
Diana: There's a reason for that.

I can only keep so many secrets for you, Liza.