Pure Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Funeral

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If God is going to come through for Pastor Noah and his community of pious Mennonites, he'd better get to it.

Because Noah was looking at even less help after Pure Season 1 Episode 4.

The Antioch Police Department was no longer an ally since Bronco got fired from there.

Planning Their Next Move -- Tall - Pure

Not that the APD was ever a big part of Bronco's investigation of the Mennonite mob. After Gerry Epp's phone disappeared from evidence, the probe, which had the stink of Bronco on it, began to fall apart, legally speaking.

For a while, Bronco's partner Jay even backed him up on the case, but he saw what way the wind was blowing and turned on him. 

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That's only fair since Bronco returned the favor when he discovered the evidence bag planted in Jay's desk drawer and reported him to the chief. Did he really think Jay was stupid enough to keep that bag at the office?

Bronco has already moved his investigation home to his den where Tina could find it, but more on that later.

Plan Goes Awry - Pure Season 1 Episode 4

Not that Bronco is going to let a small thing like getting fired keep him from his investigation. After all, bringing down Eli Voss and his mob would be the foul-up cop's golden ticket back to some respectability.

Unlike poor Noah, Bronco at least knows how to build a case, using his few remaining contacts. But the world seemed to be working against him.

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First, Gerry's phone, the loss of which caused the case against the mob to fall apart, has been in Noah's hands this whole time. Since Noah and Bronco don't talk any more than they have to, Noah didn't even know Bronco was looking for that phone.

Second, that phone was stolen out of evidence because the contacts would reveal Eli's Ashlander mole, who turned out to be Chief Kingsbury, who had another reason for wanting Bronco gone.

New Distribution Method - Pure Season 1 Episode 4

Third, Tina stole a good deal of Bronco's notes when visiting with Ben. And as infrequently as Bronco and Ben talk, who knows how long before Bronco finds out what happened.

I know she thought she was just helping her beloved father. After looking at his scrawls in a hymnal, I guess she figured he could use all the help he could get.

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That assumes Bronco had information that Noah wasn't already aware of. Maybe, maybe not. We'll know more after Noah takes a look through it.

But after being caught by Ben, Tina blew up their relationship, which has been one of the sweet moments in the series. Maybe she can explain herself to him and repair things, but I don't think she even knows why she did it.

Caught in the Middle - Pure Season 1 Episode 4

That knife both Tina and Noah handled has got to have some important role later in the season.

Noah, Anna, and Bronco have come up with some creative ideas over the first four episodes. Too bad they worked so badly.

Anna's recruiting Chad's wife in Pure Season 1 Episode 3 just led to a bloody coup among the Road Demons, leaving Noah and company with two more bodies with which to deal.

Then, to pressure Gerry into giving up the name of Eli's local contact, Anna suggested having Abel detain Gerry's two boys.

Saving Her Family - Pure Season 1 Episode 4

Little did they know that the boys were such hellions that the abduction was giving Gerry's wife a few hours of peace. Also, Gerry knew Noah too well to take his threats seriously, and he threatened to come after Noah's family when he got out.

Noah's plan to send the bikers' body, money and new distribution plans in coffins to Eli only worked because Bronco called in a favor from Phoebe who helped out despite her better judgment.

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The jury's still out on Bronco's plan to transport cocaine suspended in milk. I'm enjoying more time for Doc, the dentist/drug dealer. He was the only one who got the irony of the name of Noah's horse, Snowflake.

Doc worked out the science too well. But rather than drawing Eli to Canada, he demanded Noah and Doc come to Mexico for a demonstration. And if you think Noah is out of place in Ontario, just wait.

Pulled in Two Directions - Pure Season 1 Episode 4

The Noah/Anna/Bronco triangle has been enjoyable to watch.

Anna chose Noah decades before and seemingly has no regrets. But that hasn't stopped Noah from being insecure, and Bronco from wishing things were different.

No wonder Noah wants to be done with Bronco as soon as this case is over. It feels like high school, complete with those feelings, all over again.

The big question is whether Noah can hold onto his flock until his half-baked scheme to take down the Mennonite mob succeeds ... or doesn't.

To catch up on Noah's campaign, watch Pure online.

Did Tina screw up? Should Noah be allowed to drive? Can Bronco and Noah entrap Eli?

Comment below.

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Pure Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Bronco: Did you know about this? Did you know this was the plan?
Noah: Chad said he would help with Mr. Crowbar but he didn't say how.

What do you say we stick to the original deal? Sound like a plan?

Chad [to Noah]