Good Girls Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Everything Must Go

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Never underestimate Beth Boland, Ruby Hill, or Annie Marks.

Just when it seems like all hope is lost, these ladies find a way to stay one step ahead of everyone. Sometimes it's by luck, other times sheer determination. And sometimes they have to come up with $200,000 in a ridiculously short amount of time to make the problem go away. 

Good Girls Season 2 Episode 5 was all about the ladies doing what they do best; finding a way out of an impossible situation. 

Beth At Night - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 5

Continuing to bring Stan into the fold has benefited Ruby's conscious, but no one seems to be supremely worried about the ramifications if Stan gets caught. 

There is no telling where the women would be if it weren't for Stan stealing the pen cap, and he comes through again this week when he tips them off to the witness the police have. 

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The witness is, of course, Mary Pat, and it's still confusing to see her try to carry out her plan of framing the ladies.

Perhaps it's because we all know what happened, but her descriptions to Agent Turner of what happened to Boomer don't exactly add up. 

How does she know all the details? 

Tense Ruby - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 5

No matter what, Turner has it out for Beth in particular, so he's buying whatever Mary Pat's selling and the ladies are yet again backed into another corner when the police end up at the landfill. 

Going to Rio for help was a natural conclusion to come to, but they had to know he wasn't going to help them out of the kindness of his heart. Everything with Rio comes at a cost.

Sometimes you have to pay with money and other times with dignity. 

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Trying to come up with almost a quarter million dollars is no easy feat, and it was made harder by Dean. 

People try to cut Dean slack, but it's become virtually impossible to find any redeeming's qualities when it comes to the papa Boland.

He continuously does the wrong things, and his lying, cheating ways got him banned from the local car auction, further stunting his business. 

Not Amused - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 5

It's a wonder Dean has made ANY money at the dealership over the years.

Bringing Amber back is an interesting choice, but more than helping the ladies out with some inventory, she serves to reinforce how awful Dean is as a husband. 

Beth is genuinely hurt and alarmed when she discovers how many women Dean has cheated on her with, even though a part of her probably always knew it was more than just Amber. 

Amber Returns - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 5

It's still a difficult thing to come to terms with, and it probably brings into focus how much of her life has been a lie in many ways. From the outside looking in, she has the perfect family.

But things have been far from perfect for some time, and while life has become both complicated and increasingly dangerous, Beth seems to get a rush from all the action. 

While she's daydreaming about Rio, there's a reason he's destroying her room.

She's not thinking of Rio in a romantic capacity; he's not bringing her flowers or whispering sweet nothings, he's violently breaking things and smashing all the things around her.

Rio is undoubtedly a piece of it, but the lifestyle, in general, is a real turn on for Beth. 

Midday Meeting - Good Girls Seaon 2 Episode 5

She's finished being only Mrs. Boland, and she realizes that there's a greater purpose for her than just making adorably thoughtful lunches every day.

She can do more for herself and her family. Thus she comes to her decision to oust Dean from his own business. 

Beth has proven that she's better than Dean at running a business, but I'm afraid partnering with Rio will end up bringing some complex emotions and situations in the future. 

And speaking of the undefined couple, the cat is out of the bag now that Ruby and Annie know they've slept together. 

Unimpressed Annie - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 5

Ruby and Annie's reactions couldn't have been more different.

In every episode, there is a scene that knocks you off your feet, whether it be because you can't get over how much you're laughing, or how saddened you are. 

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This scene was all about the laughs, as once again Ruby's reactions alone are enough to make you die of laughter. 

Annie: You're on a total power trip!
Beth: I am not.
Annie: Yeah, you think you're like the big boss now because your vagina got woke.
Ruby: I mean, how was it?

Annie has a right to be upset, as a drastic change in the dynamic between Beth and Rio could have significant consequences for all of them. But I'm not betting against Beth. Or any of the ladies.

Striking A Pose - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 5

Odds and Ends

  • Mary Pat! Perhaps she can pack up the boys and start over somewhere far away from Michigan? 
  • Whose commercial was better? Beth's or Amber's?
  • I adore the relationship between Annie and Sadie. It had to be incredibly difficult for her to hear about her parents, as she has forged a bond with her stepmom and has come to accept that her parents won't be together. 
  • Rio's decision to hang onto Boomer's body is more to protect himself than Beth, right? 
  • New Rio fact of the week; he revels in making Beth uncomfortable. Not exactly new, but he enjoys getting under her skin. 

Things are heating up, and there's no telling where things go next!

Will Dean accept his new role? Or will he push back?

How will Stan and Ruby deal with Turner?

Will Beth and Rio be able to work together moving forward?

Make sure you drop a line below and watch Good Girls online right now, so you don't miss a second of this irresistible series!

Everything Must Go Review

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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Stan: Why'd you tell me?
Ruby: You said no more lies.
Stan: I'm an idiot.

Ruby: No one saw us, Stan.
Stan: That's what everybody says. And they all get caught.