Angus: Campbell's been teaching me to own my decisions, to be more assertive, like him.
Guthrie [chuckles]: Son, if your goal is to become Will Campbell, good luck.
Angus: Thanks.
Guthrie: 'Cause that is never gonna happen. But if your goal is to become a great doctor, you have got to blaze your own trail. Remember who you are, young squire. It's the only way you're going to become who you're truly meant to be.

Guthrie: Medicine is not just a science, son, it's an art. It's a collaboration. We collaborate with our patients the same way we collaborate with each other.
Angus: I get it. I didn't listen to you.
Guthrie: No, you didn't hear me. It's different.

Noa: Isn't a higher power kind of part of the twelve step deal?
Mario: Yeah, it just seems crazy. What's God gonna say to me?
Noa: Maybe it isn't about hearing God. Maybe it's just about being in a place where you can listen to yourself.

Will, trust me. You start being punitive and it's a very difficult hole to climb out of.


Jesse: Don't hit him. Hit me.
Leanne: I just helped tear two kids away from their mother. I got reamed by Max's father. And my caseworker says I'm a bad mother.
Jesse: You're bad at a lot of things. Mothering isn't one of them.
Leanne: Oh yeah? What am I bad at?
Jesse: Okay, I got a list right here. [Leanne glares and walks off] Wait, wait, don't read number seven!

Wait. Was that, uh, okay? I'm not like a slut or anything?

Ariel [after kissing Max for the first time]

Emily: You have to take charge.
Ariel: Me?
Emily: Yeah, why not? Why do they [boys] get to make all the choices?

Noa: Second time you've said "fine."
Mario: What's wrong with "fine?"
Noa: "Good" means good. "Great" means great. "Fine" never means fine.

Gloria: Which on is the clap? Syphilis?
Diego: No. Gonorrhea. It's...way better.

Patient: I need an ex-lap.
Angus [laughing]: Okay. Hold on a minute. What's going on?
Patient: Abdominal pain, tenderness in the lower left quadrant.
Angus: And what makes you think it's surgical?
Patient: I swallowed a bunch of tacks.
Angus: Way to bury the lede.

There's a moment for every medical student when all of her skills, and all of her knowledge, and all of her compassion come together. That's when she truly becomes a doctor. I'm proud of you.

Leanne [to Noa]

Mia: I never, ever stopped believing in you, Doc.
Rox: "Doc." You remember.
Mia: I...remember everything special about you.

Code Black Quotes

But that's the job, right? Do no harm, above all...even if it causes harm somewhere else.


Will: You think you can control life and death.
Angus: You just did.
Will: No I didn't. I'm not God. And neither are you. The only thing we can control -- the *only* thing -- is our focus and our discipline. So control it.