Cookie: Well, Doc, I came to tell you in person that I won't be needing anymore sessions because I left Lucious child, so I got rid of my 99 problems, so I'm good now.
Therapist: Is that what you think? Lucious is the reason you needed therapy?
Cookie: First of all, I didn't say that I needed therapy. My job did. And plus, you know how toxic and unhealthy he was. You heard my stories.
Therapist: No, what I heard you say was you left your father's house for Lucious when you were a teenager and your lives have been intertwined ever since. Those co-dependent bonds are hard to break. I spent a lot of money on that comfy couch. Would you like to sit down?
Cookie: Well, technically, it is still my hour, right?

We are here to have fun and take your mind off that ass.


I finally left Lucious. That does deserve a little celebration.


Lucious: Look, man, you said some stuff. I said some stuff. But that's what we do, and then we work it out. I mean, I'm trying to get us back on the same damn page, baby. It's been two weeks, are you coming home or not?
Cookie: Oh, coming home. Haha. You want me to come home now Lucious? After what you said about my measly $400,000? No, sir. I'm tired. I'm tired of getting crumbs and begging for what's rightfully mine. So, you win. You win, Lucious. You win, okay. Bravo. Bravo to you, Lucious because I'm tired. I'm done. I'm done talking. I'm done working. I'm done preaching, crying. My knees are tired Lucious. I'm tired. Plus, you did this all by yourself, right? You did this all by yourself. No help. My seventeen years meant nothing. You enjoy your life. Live your biggest life baby. Because that's what I'm about to do.

I got some news for you, your $400,000 and your 17 years meant less to Empire than you do to me.


Juanita, can you help Lucious? He on his period.


Lucious: This is my legacy.
Cookie: This is our house, Lucious. Our legacy, our Empire.

I built this legacy, not you.


Becky: Gladys, hey!
Giselle: Don't say Hi to Gladys, we don't work at Empire anymore. We run Bossy Media, remember?
Becky: Excuse you, I was well-loved here.
Giselle: But, she's not your co-worker anymore.
Becky: I know. We are the competition.
Giselle: This is a negotiation, so when Andre tries to pat our heads.
Becky: No one's patting my head.
Giselle: Shut that condescension down.

Everyone's seen Cookie's cookies.


Andre: This meeting and deal are off.
Becky: Okay, not what I was expecting.
Giselle: What's going on, Andre?
Andre: Your fingerprints are all over that stunt Tiana pulled. You met with her, unsanctioned, and put a bat on your back.
Giselle: Because that was our bright idea to get you to agree to a collab with our artist?
Becky: Exactly, and you know that this collab is going to rehab Tiana's career. You've seen me do this with artists for years.
Andre: I'll get Tiana back on track without the help of your little label.
Becky, Giselle: Oh, little label.
Andre: Which won't be working with Tiana or any Empire artist ever.

Giselle: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Becky: Of course I am. Let's get a brick and bus all these windows.
Giselle: Or we just sign Tiana right from under him.
Becky: I'm actually not thinking that at all.

Empire Quotes

Cookie's coming home.


I started selling drugs when I was 9 years old in Philadelphia. I did it to feed myself. But it was the music that played in my head that kept me alive when I thought I was going to get shot. And it was the melodies that I dreamt about that keep me warm when I was sleeping in the streets.