Fatima: Every time I go out there, a tiny piece of my soul dies.
Kensi: It's dating, not a war zone.

I suggest you meet me at work or Hetty will find an edgy and provocative way to fire you.

Eric [to Deeks]

Kensi: You're safe here now.
Patricia: I, unfortunately, have heard that line before.
Kensi: Hopefully, this time it sticks.

You say the FBI's got this. You sure about that?

Sam [to Rush]

Kensi: Audrey, what is it really like?
Rush: Best thing I've ever done.

We named him Cash because of how much money he's going to cost us.


Energy drinks all around. Especially for the big guy. He looks parched.

Fire Chief

Eric: This is getting weird.
Deeks: Then let's get weird together.

We're like NCIS agents by day, CPAs by night.

Kensi [to Fatima]

My arm is only so long.

Hetty [to Nell]

Hetty's Angels have to stick together.

Fatima [to Kensi]

Roundtree: I'm guessing this isn't a typical day for you guys.
Sam: No. Most days are actually dangerous.