Anna [about the faux love letters]: Are you sure they're convincing?
Ben: Convincing enough.

Even though I can't help my own son right now, I'm glad I could help yours.

Abigail [to new mom Peggy]

I am Samuel Culper! I am Samuel Culper!

Pvt. Woodhull

You're a spy!

Rivington [to Townsend]

Culper! It will all be over soon...No more hiding...No more lying.


If he (Simcoe) is going to come for you, it will be during battle.

Cisero [to Abe]

Maj. Tallmadge [to Gen. Washington]: You have been blindsided by self-centered ambition. And it will be my friends who pay the price.
Gen. Washington: Get out!

Desertion. What a cowardly action.

Col. Simcoe [while looking at Gen. Arnold]

With respect, sir, I am here to fight, not to loot.

Col. Simcoe

I was sorry to hear about your father.

Simcoe [to Abe]

I am offering 5000 guineas to any man who brings Benedict Arnold down.

Gen. George Washington

Virginia? But this wasn't supposed to happen. We were supposed to stay here.

Pvt. Sturrage